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Dec 19, 2008 08:19 AM

rehearsal dinner in NOLA - HELP!!

Hi All -

I am getting married in New Orleans next year and am trying to find a place for a rehearsal dinner May 15, 2009 for about 40-45 people.

Unfortunately we have three major issues 1) it is Loyola/ Tulane graduation, so there is a lot that is already booked 2) it needs to be wheelchair accessible (so that cuts out a lot in the FQ) and 3) of course it needs to be good!

My fiancé and I would like to keep it in the "spirit of the city" so would like to stay away from Italian etc. We would also like it to be somewhere in the FQ (rehearsal at St. Louis Cathedral right before dinner) or accessible by the street car so that we don't have to worry about hiring transportation.

Muriel's and Broussard's are out b/c they are the location of our cocktail hour and reception.

The following are also out b/c they are booked or are not accessible - commander's, bayona, napoleon house, galatoire's, august (had a really bad experience the last time we were there), NOLA.....and that is all I can think of now, but I feel like we have crossed off many more. Oh, and we have a call into Herbsaint, so that is still possibly in the running

Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated! I am beginning to freak out - haha!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My BIL had his rehearsal dinner at Mother's -- they have a party space next door, and the food was very good. My MIL is wheelchair-bound, it worked great for her. Also maybe check Ernst cafe? Don't know about access, though. These are more downscale than most you listed, but might be fun.

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      Here is a list of FQ restaurants:

      For starters, how about Brennan's, Arnaud's, Hunt Room Grill, Pelican Club or the Rib Room? Or Louis VXI in the St. Louis Hotel Start dialing!

    2. If Herbsaint does not pan out, you should ask them if you could hold it at Cochon Butcher or the Swine Bar which will be opening next door to Cochon. I highly doubt anyone would have already booked their for graduation, and I can't see the food being anything but great considering it is coming from Link.

      Other ideas (and I am limiting them b/c of proximity to the Cathedral) would be:
      Antoine's - classic
      Court of Two Sisters - their a la carte menu is MUCH better than the brunch buffet and it's a negligible walk (I have personally made the trek there from the Cathedral for a reception).
      Bistro at Maison de Ville - not sure if they can handle private parties
      Stella! - you would probably have to rent out the entire front dining room
      GW Fins
      Hunt Room Grill - in the Monteleone
      Rib Room

      I limited the above suggestions to only the FQ because I think that would be easiest. But if you are willing to go to CBC/WHD, then maybe try MiLa, Wolfe's, and 7 on Fulton.