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Dec 19, 2008 08:10 AM

Has anyone been to The Flying Fig in Berkeley Heights yet?

Just opened, curious if anyone has been.

Menu looks good, cocktail menu looks like it needs a little less vodka...

report back all ye' chowhounders!

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  1. Have not been, but I'm having people here for the holidays. It looks like a great place to take them....I'll definitely report back if we go. I liked the dinner menue options and the wine list.

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      The dinner menu looks very inviting and the food stylists got me salivating.I don't like the fact that it reads "all small plates are less than $20" though?It's obviously an upscale tapas bar and I would hazzard a guess that if you're not very carefull you'll be getting sticker shock when the bill arrives.I remember going to Veloce/Bar Carrera in the EV when it first opened.I loved the place and the whole concept,but really felt that I was hit over the head when I saw the bill.For a couple of glasses of wine and a few small plate,we ended up spending exactly what we would have in a moderate restaurant fot two entrees and comparable wine.I'll be more carefull if I should return.This IMO goes against what a tapas bar should be.The whole idea IMO has been hijacked,gentrified,and manoeuvered as a way to get more dollars for less food by too many places.In essence it's a fantastic way to eat in Vigo or Valencia ,but i can't say the same about anywhere i've yet to go in the US.I hope this place should prove me wrong.In this economy with some restauranteurs sales down 40%,they should be looking to provide great food,great servive and great value to compete and survive.

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      1. Haven't been. Just looked at the menu and it reads deliciously. Still I'm wary of any place not brave enough to put its prices out there. Same is true of the wine list. Interesting selections, but no prices.

        1. OK. DH and I went tonight to preview before we braved the restaurant with guests. I’m glad we did. It was underwhelming, I’m disappointed to say.

          We arrived at 6:00pm on a Sunday night and the place was empty. (not surprising give the night and time) The waiter took our drink orders and we didn’t see him again for about 15 minutes. Very frustrating seeing as there was only one other table. They were seated after us and got their drinks before us. Ugh. Our waiter was clearly very inexperienced and didn’t offer much advice for the menu, except to order one app and one entrée per person.

          We only had appetizers. (had a sitter at home w/the kiddies) All on the list were $10 or under, and since we were only having apps and there were supposed to be small plates, we ordered 5. We had the following: Tuscany Fries, Manchego Cheese Balls, Fried Calamari, Mediterranean Chicken Wings, and Salmon Tartare. When the plates arrived they were much bigger than we had originally planned. 5 apps were a little much for the two of us. Keep that in mind if you go.

          The Tuscany Fries were good and topped with fried rosemary. Interesting, but in the end, they are just fries. I found the Manchego cheese balls to be very bland, but DH didn’t think they were so bad. They were served with an herbed tomato salsa/sauce that was tasty, but to me didn’t save the dish. The fried calamari was not breaded, but was simply flash fried by itself. It was served with a garlic aoli. I found this dish to be tasty, but not outstanding. My husband couldn’t get past the chewiness of the calamari. The chicken wings were nice and crispy on the outside, but I found them to be dry. They were served with a sauce very similar to the cheese balls, but with a little more spice. Eh.

          Which brings me to the tartare. We love, love raw fish. We are always looking for new and interesting preparations. This tartare was noted as being prepared with fennel and cornichons. We were both excited to try it. Imagine our surprise when the dish appeared with chopped cooked salmon with a light sauce and cornichons and fennel. DH said, “It’s like a salmon spread or dip. It’s good for what it is, but if it had been listed on the menu as salmon spread, I would have never ordered it.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

          There it is in a nutshell. I always try to give new restaurants a second chance, but I’ll wait till I hear some raves before I go back.

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            thanks for the detailed review! It looked interesting, but an hour drive for us is much. I'll put it on the back burner

          2. I grew up in BH, so I was wondering where this was. I googled the address.. it was a Hunan restaurant for many years (I remember it was quite good, until the one time we ate there, and we saw a roach crawl up the wall. The manager appeared and squashed it with a napkin). Then it was Dolce, I think.. an Italian restaurant. Then, Domaine Laurino. I think. Now, the Flying Fig.

            I don't get up that way much anymore since my mom passed away in 2006. Doesn't look like it's worth a drive up there, either. :)