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Dec 19, 2008 07:58 AM

Blackhound Bakery or Two Little Red Hens?

Which is the better option for Christmas desserts? I am definitely going to order one of the cakes from these places. I am considering either the Pistachio or Egg nog cake from Two Little Red Hens. From Blackhound I am looking at the Busy Bee, Checker, Egg Nog, and Chocolate Gianduja. Which is the better bakery??????? Thanks a lot.

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  1. While the cakes may look more beautiful at Blackhound Bakery, I think the cakes taste better at Two Little Red Hens.

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    1. re: ellenost

      Thanks I think either one would be great.... just a tuff decision. Two Little Red hens stopped taking custom orders for Christmas unfortunately.

    2. I think they're very different bakeries. My perception is that Hens specializes in classic American cakes, pies, and squares, while Black Hound tends to make more European-influenced things with lots of buttercream. I also have the perception that Black Hound is more expensive, and also cultivates more of an image of exclusivity. As for the quality, I've found it good at both places and couldn't tell you which one to pick.

      By the way, I think you're still likely to get something good from Hens, even if you can't custom-order it. They do get cancellations, too.

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        I ordered the Chocolate Gianduja cake which looks absolutely delicious just to be safe. I am going to run into Two Little Red Hens one day next week and see what they have available. They told me they will be keeping their display case stocked.... Might go for their Pistachio and cancel the order from Blackhound. I'll see how I feel.

      2. i cant recommend blackhound enough...the place rules...awesome people too.

        i usually get the orange infused cheesecake which is fantastic but they have a chocolate and raspberry cake that ive had before that is extremely popular with my family.

        1. Blackhound is one of the most overrated places and that is saying something considering the tepid quality of many ballyhooed spots.
          As another poster wrote, BUTTERCREAM EVERYWHERE!
          Where it shouldn't be. Light and whipped everything. No depth beyond that, no luxury, no thickness. If you want that, fine. Sometimes it is fine but I fail to understand why it permeates so many desserts that they have.

          Let's say this, it ain't a steak type of dessert. And honestly, I don't even think it is so great for what it is doing.