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Dec 19, 2008 07:52 AM

Private Dinning in West Des Moines

I need a restaurant in West Des Moines for a private group of 50 people.

Private room would be great and I we will spend around $45 to $50 for just food.



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  1. Tough call, as WDM is chains. I think I would point you confidently to Sam and Gabes. Not in WDM, but close. Seriously don't know about the number of people, but give them a call.

    1. You might try either of the private clubs, Des Moines Golf and Glen Oaks. Bothe will serve private non member parties. Des Moines Golf seems to have consistently better food.

      Also, FireCreek Grill has a nice private room (Fireside Room) with a bar just of the main room. That would be a good alternative.