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Dec 19, 2008 07:39 AM

Mulino Bianco Cookies in Brooklyn?

Has anyone seen Mulino Bianco cookies for sale in Brooklyn? Or other boroughs, for that matter?

Extra points for wide selection.


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  1. They probably have them but call first to make sure.

    1218 60th Street

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    1. re: citygrrl2000

      Thanks. I called, and they said they think they have Mulino Bianco, a few varieties, but didn't feel like checking which were in stock.

      Ah, that fine mom-n-pop service we'll all miss so sorrowfully one day when big boxes and internet finally take over all retail everywhere....

      1. re: Jim Leff

        I know what you mean about the customer service of some places but in defense of Coluccio's they are probably wall to wall with people buying Italian provisions for Christmas. It is a great store and worth a trip in my opinion. They are big time importers of well priced quality Italian provisions.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          today at Coluccios they have the following Mulino Bianco products I doubt any of these are the one you are looking for.
          Abracci con panna e cacao
          Cuor di mela
          Rigoli frollini con latte e miele
          Fette (rusks) biscottate

          Ill keep an eye out though, the next time I go down to 18th Ave.
          there is a good italian grocery store there - who knows they might carry additioal types.


          1. re: jen kalb

            Thanks much, Jen. Earlier this week, I spotted my favorite, Pannocchie (made from corn!) at Mr. Sausage in Huntington Long Island. Happy new year, indeed! (for the back story of me and these cookies....these cookies and me: )

            1. re: Jim Leff

              pretty sure piazza mercato carries some too.

              1. re: Jim Leff

                glad you found a source and they were as good as you remembered.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Good Food Supermarket on court street between 3rd and 4th places in carroll gardens has a big selection of mulino bianco cookies, if you're ever in the neighborhood and need some!

        2. I was down at Frank and Sal's Prime Meats, 8008 18th Ave today, probably the best all round Italian grocery/meat market I have visited so far in Brooklyn, and they carry a lot of the Mulino Bianco line, including the Pannochie Jim craves. I actually bought a bag though as a non-partisan of industrial cookies Im a little dubious. Will report.

          Do visit Frank and Sal's, its a great store, with veg, fruit, meats, some fresh imported pastas and a good salami/prepared foods counter.

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          1. re: jen kalb

            ps - family is now eating the Pannochie biscuits - we were amused that the featured ingredient is cornflakes. Not likely to buy a second pack, but we like the little bit of crunch and think they would be good with tea, coffee or wine.

            The most interesting aspect is that the package actually seems to provide on a side panel a detailed recipe for making the biscuits. Never seen something like this before and I guess in this day and age Barilla has enough market power not to fear competition from either the home or commercial baker.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Frank and Sal's is a handsome looking store for those who don't know. Prices are a little steep, but a lot is imported and such is life. If you're in the neighborhood, it's worth a browse. I agree. : )

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. I just returned from Italy where I fell hard for Mulino Bianco cookies. Are their products available in any of the boroughs? Brooklyn or maybe Arthur Avenue in the Bronx?

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                1. re: uwsgrazer

                  Fairway stocks a couple of varieties of Mulino Bianco cookies. I wasn't even looking for them today and, lo and behold, they were right in front of me -- when I was actually looking for bullion cubes, if you can believe that! It was the UWS Fairway in Manhattan (sorry, I know this is the OB board). I bought Rigoli and Pannochie; the third type were crescent-shaped butter-type cookies, I think.

                  1. re: uwsgrazer

                    I mentioned a couple of Brooklyn stores higher up in the thread that carry Mulino Bianco. next time I am in that area will verify. the stores are worth visiting for Italophiles with or without the cookies.

                    1. re: jen kalb

                      Thanks, jen -- would love to visit some Italian markets! What part of Brooklyn are these shops in? Is it Cobble Hill? Just curious. I remember visiting a section of Brooklyn last year that had wonderful Italian bakeries and other shops. I thought it was Cobble Hill but I could be mistaken

                      1. re: uwsgrazer

                        these stores are out in Bensonhurst - quite a ways from Cobble Hill.

                        1. re: uwsgrazer

                          You may have visited Carroll Gardens - next to Cobble Hill - where you'll find Italian food shops such as Caputo's, Esposito's, Monteleone's, Court Street Pastry, D'amicos. Most are located on Court Street.

                          1. re: thegforceny

                            Yup, it was Carroll Gardens. Some of those places you listed are familiar. I remember we got delicious lard bread during our visit

                      2. re: uwsgrazer

                        La Bella Marketplace in Dyker Heights/Bensonhurst is a combination of a normal NYC supermarket and Italian import market. Their imported cookie and buscuit aisle looks like what you might find in a supermarket in Italy. They have an extensive selection of Mulino Bianco cookies. Their prices are also quite good. Worth making a trip and stocking up.

                      3. Not Brooklyn, but if you're still looking, the new Fairway at 30th and 2nd in Manhattan has Pannochie (and a bunch of other Mulino Bianco varieties).

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                        1. re: jb1979

                          just wanted to note that Coluccio's is not carrying any Mulino Biance right now - 12/12.

                          1. re: jen kalb

                            Cerini Coffee and Gifts on Arthur Avenue usually carries a selection; they have a web side for ordering, too.