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Dec 19, 2008 07:32 AM

Clear Lake / Houston Italian Sausage?

Anybody know of a place in the Clear Lake area that sells quality hot italian sausage? I'm thinking of looking at the meat market on Kirby (Clear Lake)? Kroger etc offerings are low quality national brands with too high a fat content. Would think that Central or Whole Foods might have something decent but was wondering if there was a better possibilty...

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Don't know of one that stands out, but I do have a favorite place to eat it prepared. Colloseum on El Camino Real between BA Boulevard and Ramada does it with bell peppers and onions the best. Also on their New Yorker poor boy sandwich. I've been eating it there since they opened in the late 60s, and they still do it the same as then, and nobody's better.

    1. This is not in the Clear Lake area but it is the best homemade Italian sausage I have found in the greater Houston area. Try Veron's in Atascocita - on FM 1960 E, just before Lake Houston. It's a little mom and pop meat market. They make the italian sausage in house and it is delicious. They are originally from Louisiana so there's a cajun flair to many of their offerings.

      1. Where is this market on Kirby? Kirby isn't in Clear Lake, unless there are more than one, which around here is possible ;-)

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          There is a Kirby in the Clear Lake area. It runs into NASA RD 1 near El Lago. I think it is tecnically in Pasadena, the far fringe, but I could be wrong.

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            Bay Area Meat Market at Kirby and Nasa Rd 1. Actually in Seabrook...

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              Well you learn something new everyday!

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                Yeah, both BA Market on Kirby near NASA Road, and Stanton's by the tracks in old Alvin prepare and package their own in-house sausages. All kinds of Italian, sweet or hot, as well as the other usuals.
                Also consider making your own. Even if you don't have a grinder and stuffer, you can mix your own seasonings into ground pork, for your personal taste favorite, in patties. Recipes abound on the web, and in Yahoo! Groups about "sausage."