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Dec 19, 2008 03:11 AM

Blood Sausage

I am trying to be adventurous and make my own blood sausage..where in CT can I get the main ingredient fresh pig's blood? I have seen blood in the Asisan market but it is congealed...if I heat that does it liquify........

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  1. Hi,

    As far as fresh blood its against the law to sell it to my knowledge. some companies make it but they use powdered sanitized pork blood. the Portuguse people eat a sausage called Morcella sold in all major markets I have seen it in Shaws. The Irish eat one for breakfast they bind it up with rice. I have had both its not my liking lol You will need a binder to hold it although the french make a fresh blood one called Boudin Noir check the name on Google.

    Best of luck

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      Frank, I think you will find that the Irish one or one from the UK known as Black pudding has no rice in it most use some form of oats and pig fat, I really do like it fried with egg and bacon for breakfast, only on the weekends as its rich

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        Hi djr,

        YOur right but I was incited to an Irish Breakfase a couple of years ago in Newport I tried the blood sausage and this one had rice in it. unless this was an unusual sausage My Friend is from Ireland and I asked him he said it depends on where its made guess these specialties can be made in different parts of the country. Being Italian my family makes the Soprasatta sausage I have had it in different parts of Italy and it differs from place to place. I love andouille i have have it from New Orleans most is made from hog enrtials not my bag. But its nice to have these different comments from people who know real food like yourself. Happy Holidays

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        Hi I have been informed that a large store in Fall River Ma called Charves Mkt makes and sells Blood Sausage the Portuguse type

      3. I could be wrong...but I'm pretty sure that the blood congeals as soon as it is removed from the pig. Therefore, I don't think you're going to be able to get the fresh blood, unless you get it from a piggy...

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          Good Morning,

          After searching im my charcutiere recipes there was a blood sausage recipe which I am not a fan of its the German variety Blutwurst. This one has Pigs blood which has to be drained from the jugular vein and mixed with a little salt to prevent it from congealing. then mixed with cooked rice,onions etc I am not a big fan so I have not made it something about animal blood. enjoy. :)