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Dec 19, 2008 03:03 AM

gold filters

When the gold wears off or disappears from coffee filter, does it have to be replaced or is it still functioning as intended?

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  1. I would replace it. The gold's definitely there for a reason.

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    1. re: KelleyLA

      It may well just be gold-toned stainless and all you're seeing is the gold coloring wearing off. Should work equally well with or without the color. The whole idea is not to impart or transfer flavors and stainless will work well.

      It's not like you're exposing the filter to any complex chemical interaction (like frying chicken in copper/brass), you just don't want to affect the flavor.

    2. if we are talking coffee filters... the gold on mine, l ike Elvis, left the room at least 5 years ago!
      Have not seen any difference.

      I might add I use "Urnex" on a regular basis to clean all my coffee and espresso equipment. It's mean stuff! -- I think that the gold left us on jsut about the first use.

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      1. re: JRCann

        thanks everyone. I just got as gift the technivorm moccamaster coffee maker and my old gold (not any more) filter fits. What I'd better get is better coffee!

        1. re: serious

          I love my technivorm--it makes GREAT coffee but I hate the carafe that comes with it. It doesn't keep my coffee hot past the first 2 cups. I've been mulling over buying a nissan to replace it with....