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Dec 19, 2008 02:04 AM

Market Table not honoring OpenTable dining cheques [moved from Manhattan board]

I sent this e-mail to OpenTable today. I'm curious to know if anyone else has had a similar experience with Market Table or other restaurants in the city??

"I'm writing to let you know that when I went to the restaurant Market Table (West Village, NYC) last night, they refused to honor my $50 OpenTable dining cheque. The waiter told me they are "not honoring them anymore" because OpenTable does not reimburse the restaurants for the money. It was a rather awkward conversation to have in front of a group of friends, particularly after I had promised early on to contribute the extra $50 towards dinner.

Based on this experience (and the underwhelming food) I will probably not return to Market Table. And while I do value the convenience of the OpenTable website, this experience has also left me wondering if the benefits I receive from your service are as significant as they are advertised.

I don't understand why your partner restaurants would not be legally obliged to honor the dining cheques, but I do believe this disagreement is something that should be worked out between your businesses instead of leaving your customers 'holding the check'."

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  1. Please update if/when you receive a response from OT.

    1. This reminded me of the one and only time that we dined at Market Table, about a couple of months into their existence. I called to make the reservation a week in advance and they advised me to bring wine as they had a no-corkage BYOB policy then. When we showed up, they told me that they will have to charge me corkage fee because they have wines available.

      I mentioned that they told me to bring my wine during the reservation but they insist that since they now have wine available and that I can either order from them and/or pay the corkage to consume my wine. Not wanting or really needing to make a big fuzz, as I was really looking forward to having the particular mature Bordeaux that I brought, I paid the corkage.

      I never went back, but not because of the corkage issue, but because we weren't impressed with their food as we found them to be a few notches below their much better affiliate, Little Owl.

      1. Wow! I've *never* had this experience at any Open-Table-affiliated restaurant. and I've used those $50 dining cheques a few times. The few times I've had issues with Open Table, they've responded quickly to my complaints and settled them to my benefit. I can't wait to hear how they respond to your email.

        1. Some young ladies at the table next to mine were rebuffed at Little Owl for their OpenTable voucher. I felt bad for them because that is unacceptable. SOMEONE IS LYING, OpenTable or the Owl. That is all their is to it. Someone is a fraud. It is not a "misunderstanding" or "Oh, well now we don't". I cannot stand that type of very petty theft.
          Oh, and Owl food, well, I have no use for that either. I guess whenyou are full because of the rep/scene/wannabeceleb etc. you can continue. It is sad but par for the course these days around here. Sad.

          1. I've never had a problem using opentable checks at a restaurant in NYC, but haven't tried at the current restaurant under discussion.