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Dec 18, 2008 10:45 PM

Any good places for lunch near Sunset and La Brea?

not looking for anything fancy. Something along the lines of Toast. Anything better in this area?

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  1. Some people like Cheebo, but I really don't care for it. Probably Bossa Nova would be a good bet.

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      FWIW i think Cheebo is horrendously overpriced. and we had a really weird experience last time - we were seated and given menus before the dinner hour, so we had lunch menus i guess. the waiter came and took drink orders, then another staff member came and asked to 'see' our menus, then returned with other ones. we then realized these were the dinner menus, and the prices all significantly higher, not to mention the lunch option that i had decided to order was no longer present... it just was kind of icky. then my friend ordered a pizza. it came and had olives all over it, so he asked if this was the pizza he ordered; she returned with the menu and pointed it out, to which my friend said, no remember i order *that* one? she said, oh the one you've got is better anyways. to which he said, "but i don't like olives..." this seemed to be over her head. she finally offered to replace it, but couldn't guarantee that the other would be better, and it would be at least another 20 this point, we just cut our losses. we paid and left. i would have complained, but i wasn't paying the bill, so i didn't feel comfortable really challenging my friend. maybe ours was anomalous experience, but we won't be back regardless.

    2. I really like Vivoli Cafe for Italian food. Great lunch menu too with stuff around $10-$15. It's on Sunset a bit west of Fairfax

      1. Cannot go wrong with Bossa Nova. Absolutely everything on the menu is good.

        1. you could do something along the lines of Cube - kind of conducive to date and sharing.

          sante la brea is a healthy choice.

          is Lucques too expensive - it has a nice lunch menu and atmosphere

          1. Gotta agree with the Bossa Nova people.