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Dec 18, 2008 10:07 PM

[DFW] Where to buy liquor-filled chocolate and good Turkish figs?

My mom loves liquor-filled chocolate and Turkish figs. I've looked up and down for the chocolates. I've seen some liquor-flavored (no alcohol) chocolate from Turin, but not the real deal (with real liquor!). I've seen them being sold individually in gift shops. Where can I find a good selection? What's a good brand that is not extremely expensive (<$5 per piece)?

As for the figs, I couldn't find them last Christmas. Not even at Central market. I'm about to start looking soon - will someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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  1. Click here to see the various flavors, but you'd need to call to see if it's the real deal liquor or the fake stuff. I know there's a location in Grapevine, and I believe also in N. Dallas and FW.

    I've sampled a few of their chocolates and overall, was very underimpressed with flavor or texture, but the amaretto ganache literally gave me a WOW! moment! The ganache must be where they excel. It was creamy smooth, rich, and loaded with Amaretto or at least the flavor thereof.

    1. You may also check with Chocolate Secrets on Oak Lawn in Dallas. Again, you'd need to verify their actual ingredient.

      1. Do they have to be Turkish figs? I believe they have fresh California figs when I was at the Dallas CM last week next to where the pears are lcoated.

        If you need Turkish figs you might try Tom Spicer at Spiceman 1410 (1410 N. Fitzhugh - right behind Jimmy's at Fitzhugh and Bryan)

        Another spot for the figs is probably Shandiz in Plano (Coit and Parker) or Zituna World market in Richardson just south of Coit and Arapaho. Another Mediterreanean store is World Foods Market in Richardson behind TI. I would call all the places before I go driving around.

        As for liquor filled chocolates.....they have a gift set with I assume alcohol in the middle at Sam's. I am not sure about the taste. I am not a chocolate eater so I just report where I have seen them. As for premium chocolates with liquor I haven't seen any in the Dallas area. Very few chocolate shops around!

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          I could be wrong, but since they have liquor in them they need to be bought in a liquor store. Spec's in Houston has them. I would check out some of the better liquor stores up there.

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            Figs can be found at Zituna World Market in Richardson, and possibly at Shandiz as the forner poster pointed out. Liquor filled chocolates can be found at good liquor stores and you might try the chocolate shop next to Houstons in Addison, where they can make them up if they don't have them...their chocolates are not cheap, but this chocolatier knows his business having trained under Jaques Torres in New York.....

          2. Thanks for all the replies!

            I found most stuff at Central market - They have quite a good collection of Turin brand liquor-filled chocolate (real liquor), and they also have some wine-filled chocolate on display. They have fresh Turkish fig (I asked a clerk and he told me they have fresh ones. But since I didn't want to fresh ones because I'm taking them abroad, I didn't go check them out) and dried Californian mission figs. As for dates, they have some medjool dates in the bulk section and packaged ones in the aisles.

            Well, just want to post my experience in case anybody is looking for the same sort of stuff.