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Dec 18, 2008 09:57 PM

Eating with children in Tokyo's fine restaurants

I was wandering as I am travelling to Japan in the winter (9th of January ~ 19th) what the situtation is with dining at a fine restaurant with a child. We're bringing my sister who is 10 years old and wanted to dine at one of Tokyo's fine dining restaurants. Also, we looked into Ryugin and the prices are around 23,000 (!) pp. Is there another restaurant of similar quality that is.. lower than that price range (10~12,000 yen/p) that we can be informed of?


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  1. I seldom see kids at fine dining restaurants in Tokyo; but if your sister behaves well, I think it should not be a problem but it is better to check when you make the reservation. Also you may want to check if they can arrange a set menu for kids since some of the fine restaurants only cater set menu rather than ala carte.

    For Yen 10-12,000 per person range, I will highly recommend La Bombance, a small restaurant at Nishi Azabu that can only accommodate about 15 guests. Owner Okamoto is another young creative chef like chef Yamamoto of Ryugin that incorporates new ideas to Japanese culinary traditions, not as refined but with much more reasonable pricing. The set menu is changed monthly according to the available seasonable stuffs. Highly ranked at Tabelog and AskU, both Japanese web site for foodies. Just beware that English is not spoken here.

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      Just one more note, La Bombance is a modern Japanese ryori restaurant, not a French fine dining. Just want to clarify since the name does sound like French.

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        I can second Bombance. I think it's more on the Japanese side of the spectrum versus Ryugin.

        It's quite good, and they do have a small table in the corner that might work well for a group with children.

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        Yeah the place looks great! I am a bit worried about the no English thing though. I'm finding it hard to navigate through the reservation page on the website. i have some allergies etc. and would like to specify it in the booking....

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          In this case, you may want to try Benrekiryukodo; the owner Kenji Miyoshi is fluent in English and very friendly as well. It is a modern Japanese ryori restaurant with heavy emphasis on seasonal ingredients and changes its menu every month. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner there a year ago. It has 4 set menu ranging from Yen 10k to 25k per person for the dinner. The lower end range will just fit nicely into your budget.

      3. DO NOT go to Ryugin with kids....and yes its pricey....
        there are nice izakaya's that are ok for kids...but not that many that are kid friendly, as you can pretty much about smoke in any restaurant in tokyo.