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Dec 18, 2008 09:04 PM

best old montreal restaurants

please tell me best restaurants in old montreal and why you are recommending them; atmosphere? food quality? price? thanks much

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  1. Club de Chasse et Peche is one of the most important ones. Casa de Matteo (440 St Francois Xavier) is quite good, Mexican cuisine, nice atmosphere. I am sure there are lots more, I just seem to draw a blank right now.

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    1. re: Jonquilles

      In my opinion, Casa de Matteo is pretty expensive for substandard mexican food.

      1. re: Campofiorin

        Agreed about Casa de Matteo - steer clear. One holiday office party & several lunches there were more than enough for a lifetime.

        For breakfast/brunch/lunch how about Olive & Gourmando on St-Paul - excellent baked goods, sandwiches & coffee, but go off-hours to avoid the crowds - and Le Cartet on McGill College - unique atmosphere, good lunches & supposedly great weekend brunch though I still haven't tried the brunch.

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          In no particular order...Club Chasse et Peche, Garde Manger, Holder, Barroco, Olive & Gourmando, Le Cartet, Titanic, Le Local, Da Emma, Graziela, etc. While many people swear by Chez L'epicier & Version Laurent Godbout his style just doesn't appeal to me. If you are just in the mood for a good steak and don't mind a "corporate big box" restaurant you could do worse than the baseball cut at the Keg on St-Paul.

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            We like Le Cartet very much for breakfast during the week and the brunch on the weekend. Like the atmosphere...great eggs, breads...fabulous cafe au lait.

        1. anyone know price ranges of Le Local? it sounds great but no prices on web site and not looking to go bankrupt. also has anyone eaten there? thanks.

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            I`ve been to Local a few times. Food is great but not cheap, 10-20 apps, 20-40 entrees, wine list is amazing. dinner for two with wine will cost you min. 150$. This place is very crowded and loud, you`ll need to reserve way in advance.

          2. I like Moulinsart for mussels!

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            1. re: abaesel

              how does l'epicier compare in cost?

              1. re: rockbox

                well after much deliberation I ended up going to le local- it was awesome and very reasonably priced.