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Dec 18, 2008 08:53 PM

Nice anniversary dinner for the in-laws

Hey All,

need some help. Want to take the in-laws out for their anniversary. Five of us, including my pesca/veggie wife.

prefer west side.
no indian or ethiopian.
up to 75 pp range including a glass of wine and dessert.

I know that's a pretty wide net, but I'm kind of daunted- this is not the kind of thing i usually do, i'm usually on chowhound for cheap eats here, and hidden treats out of town.

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  1. let's tighten this up a bit.

    i think american new, french, mexican or latin influence would be ideal. bump up to 100pp. We did just have a nice meal at the french restaurant on 8th and 48th, are headed to the Oyster Bar at GCT for lunch on saturday.

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      I presume the French restaurant you just went to is Pigalle? In any event...

      My suggestiong of the in-law's anniversary dinner would be Telepan, opn 69th St., b/t Columbus Av. & CPW. Excellent New American cuisine, professional service, and understated elegant ambiance. There's an a la carte menu + several prix-fixe options. So, you should have no trouble meeting your bumped up $100pp budget.

    2. I agree with Telepan, also I think Perilla, Blue Hill or Perry Street would be nice.

      1. You didn't mention Italian, but if that would interest you I would suggest Convivio. Alternatively, for new American/Italian/French try Olana. Both of these are very comfortable and not too noisy with excellent service, wonderful food, and they will fit your budget.