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Dec 18, 2008 08:39 PM

Go-To dinner spots in PDX

I just moved to Northwest Portland and have found myself frequenting the same three dinner spots on a regular basis...boring, I know. I need to venture out! Any locals have some favorite go-to dinner spots to offer up? Price conscious please...Lucy's Table and Cafe Mingo are too $$$ for me these days.

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  1. well if those places are above your wallet at the moment, try Tanuki(21st and Glisan? roughly, its on 21st in between Glisan and Flanders)

    you will not be disappointed, Unless you dont like spectacular Izakaya food and a hell of a good time.

    1. Try out:

      Pok Pok - Thai heaven right in your back yard. Chicken! It is a sickness!:
      Toro Bravo - tapas, so you can decide up or down on the spending:
      Saburo - Sushi :
      Fat City for breaky -
      Screen Door for breakfast -
      paley's Place - a little more pricey, but you can order smaller plates and they are reasonable -

      1. Well, what's your typical neighborhood range and cuisine preference? It's far easier to eat cheap if you go ethnic, as well as away from the Westside. Also what are your preferred dining hours? You can eat pretty well during happy hour.

        But nkeane is right: the best food in the NW is Tanuki. Tons of pics and posts about it here:

        (The menu changes daily so it gets tons of replay value. I have to follow the twitter updates just to keep track of the menu changes!)

        1. Also Nicholas - Lebanese food on 318 SE Grand Ave. Very Yum.

          1. I'll definitely try tanuki. Unfortunately, I usually am off work after happy hour so my hours of dining tend to be around 7 to 8...

            Thanks for the tips! Saucesupreme - I LOVE nicholas'. We need some good Lebanese on the west side. Has anyone been to Indish yet?

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              Totally agree about Tanuki...on 21st between Flanders & Glisan, west side of street.
              Also Toro Bravo, Pok Pok. Also consider Biwa!

              Sorry to rain on anyone's parade, but Saburo's is truly disgusting: long wait, lousy service, and bad food. But if you care mostly about high volume for the dollar, enjoy. Besides, the OP asked for NW PDX, and Sab's is not at all nearby.