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Dec 18, 2008 07:58 PM

Risotto with Lucques Short Ribs?

I made Suzanne Goin's short ribs last night, which were wonderful as always. I have a bit of meat left, as well as the wonderful sauce. I have some people coming over this weekend and was thinking of making risotto, at which I have become fairly proficient.

When thinking of the type of risotto, I wondered if I might use the beef broth I made for the ribs (I have extra) or even the sauce, and perhaps the meat ground up. Has anyone done a risotto this way? Suggestions or recipes?


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  1. Risotto can be prepared in a meat sauce or with a meat sauce on top of a plated serving, usually dusted with Asiago or Parmesan cheese. Your short ribs in a tomato based sauce with herbs and spices familiar to Italian cuisine should work out nicely.

    1. What about gnocchi instead of risotto? You can shred up the short rib meat and mix w/ the sauce for a short rib ragu which sounds great to me! Or top the ragu on creamy polenta and sprinkle w/ a little gremolata.

      1. This sounds like a great idea! My only suggestion would be to make sure the braising liquid isn't too salty to begin with. It might become excessively salty as you cook the risotto and then add cheese. It may be worth diluting the braising liquid with a non-salty liquid, then adjusting for salt later.

        That will be one rich risotto! I had those short ribs last week, and they were delicious.

        1. I'd probably agree with Todao - make a simple risotto - maybe a mushroom one, or with some chopped kale wilted in? Shred your remaining short ribs and serve them on top, with the sauce. Otherwise, it could all end up being a bit one-note, with the meat tasting like the risotto, as they were cooked in the same liquid.