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Dec 18, 2008 07:37 PM

3-One pound Lobsters $19.99

Twenty years or so ago I ate at a downtown Boston restaurant that served 3-One pound lobsters for $19.99. If I remember correctly we when upstairs and everyone was eating at picnic tables. Anyone know the name of the restaurant, is it still open, do they still serve the lobster deal and if so how much?

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  1. Probably Durgin Park at Quincy Market. It's still there. Lots of posts here - do a search. It's pretty much a tourist thing, not terrible food - but lots of better examples of all their food in town elsewhere.

    Lobster deals are seasonal. When the soft shells are around (lobsters are molting) you can get deals like twins for $19.99. Typically June-August, then again kind of a secondary season in November (older lobsters only molt once per year, while younger ones do it twice per year). There are lots of arguments (another search...) as to whether soft shell are inferior as far as taste and texture go. In any case, they are inferior as far as the amount of meat you get within the shell. They're busting out of their old shells, but they have lots of room in their new (soft) ones. Since they're sold by weight, there's more water in the soft shells, therefore less meat, which is why they're considered inferior and sold cheaply. Do they really taste any worse? You be the judge.

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      apple, thanks so much for that explanation. now I FINALLY understand this
      phenomenon. thanks much for taking the time.

      1. re: opinionatedchef

        I'm in agreement on the soft vs. hard shelled debate, but I disagree on the pricing phenomenon. It's all about demand. The demand for lobster increases greatly in the summer, so prices tend to rise, although it is somewhat mitigated by the greater ease in bringing in the catch. Due to multiple economic issues right now the wholesale price is down, and much of the savings is passed on, so there are some great deals around right now, regardless of the molting state of the lobsters.
        As for taste, codler waters tend to produce sweeter meat. Texture is more a function of the cooking process than hard or shof shell.

      2. re: applehome

        I got an awesome twin lobster treatment at Jo Jo Taipei for $14.99 last week.

        1. re: StriperGuy

          Was it on the menu? An announced special? Or did you have to know and ask? I went last night and found no evidence of lobster.

          1. re: jajjguy

            Might have been a special. They offerred it to us verbally as we ordered.

        2. re: applehome

          While vacationing in Maine, we were given a choice of soft vs hard shelled lobster. When I asked a Mainer the difference, he said that some believed the soft shelled lobsters were that even though they might have more water, some preferred them...i personally like the texture/consistency of a hard shell lobster, less mushy than the soft shells, IMO.

          1. re: twentyoystahs

            We've discussed this in many prior threads, but in my book hard shells are way better. Better texture, firmer, sweeter, more meat for your buck.

            1. re: StriperGuy

              I could neither phrase it better nor agree with you more StriperGuy!


              1. re: StriperGuy

                I find them both very tasty. Yes you get less meat in a soft shell but then again it costs less per pound too. I think the soft shells taste sweeter. Texture is the same if cooked right. People tend to overcook softshell lobsters which is the problem.

          2. Upstairs and picnic tables does sound like Durgin Park. Your post reminds me of the old days at Legal Seafoods... they used to offer a "3 Lobster Special"..think it was around $35. One day I went to the Kendall Sq location with a party of 12 specifically to order it and see a pile of 36 lobsters on the table. Was a great site to see...If I can find the photo I'll post it.

            1. Well if you go to Mt. Vernon in Somerville Sat-Mon you can get 4 lobsters for $24 and they are 1 and a half pounds each.