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Dec 18, 2008 07:29 PM

San Diego - Country ham?

Want to introduce the in-laws to the love that is country ham. Is this available in San Diego?

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  1. Do you mean salty (that has to be sliced thin), salt and pepper cured (like in South Carolina) or smoky?

    Plenty of places sell Smithfield. In the freezer section of 99Ranch are whole Smithfields and slices of 'dried cured ham' (it has to be sliced Smithfield based on the color and skin edges) in the refrigerated prepackaged meat area. I also have seen whole Smithfield in lots of Mexican Markets (Foodland in particular, but I know others). The Mister says he saw whole Smithfields at Bristol Farms last year.

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      At 99Ranch, The slices are labeled as "Virginia Ham" and $4.99/lb. There was only one whole Smithfield left in the freezer and I think someone took it when I was in the store a few hours ago.

      Regarding Linkery/North Park Meat Company, below: I'd like to know what a $17+ per pound Artisan cured ham tastes like, but not by buying 16 pounds at once...

    2. The Linkery's newly opened "North Park Meat Co" sells it

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        Oh Sweet God, I've been fiending for country ham since I left William and Mary.

        1. I was just served Smithfield ham by a friend, right before Christmas. She bought the whole ham at Jonathon's, La Jolla, after a long search around SD. It was delicious, and she knew that I, who lived 20 years in VA and NC, would love it. And I did.

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            only the strong like Jonathan's survives in LJ..