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Dec 18, 2008 07:08 PM

Advice on food gift for my Dad in central CT

I'm looking for a place that my elderly Dad could order some good prepared meals from, in the Glastonbury CT area. Delivery is a plus. Meals he could keep in the freezer and heat up, or maybe someplace that delivers a meal once a week. All ideas welcomed.

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  1. There is a Highland Park market in Glastonbury at the junction of Hebron ave and Manchester rd. that has lots of pre made meals . But I don't think they deliver. I guess you could call. Earle Ct.

    1. I second Highland Park; they will deliver for a fee. (I've had them deliver cakes, etc... but I think if you explain the situation you could work something out for weekly delivery) Their prepared meals are very good; and the staff is very helpful.

      I love the idea for your dad, it's a great gift!!!!