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Dec 18, 2008 06:18 PM

table #8 ?

Bill - you've mentioned a couple of times your love for table #8 at Commander's Palace. are you sure its just "8"? on the phone they said they have a 208, and 308, but the hostess didnt know of any plain old 8.

any idea which room?


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  1. We always knew it as "table #8." This table is a smallish 4-top in the upper level. What separates it from the rest of the dining is that it is on a slightly raised platform and is surrounded on, let's say three sides, by the turret structure.

    Now, it has been a few years, since we requested this particular table, because it was given to a "good patron," on our last trip, though I had booked it, specifically, 6 mos. out and had done followup with a couple of FAX'es and two telephone calls. Back then, it was still "table #8."

    I'd describe the location: upstairs and in the turret, and see what the designation is now.

    Sorry for the tardiness, but we just got back from a week of debauched dining on Maui.


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      hey a two-hour response time -- hardly tardy in my book :)

      well theres definitely no mistaking that table location -- ill ask them what its called now.

      1. re: Bill Hunt

        tonite i spoke w/ a different hostess, and she wasnt familiar w/ that table either -- she said there is no raised table, and nothing in the turret.

        weird. guess your fav table is nomo...!

        1. re: kibbles

          Bogus! I can only guess that things have changed. Now, it will be my mission to try and find out what happened. I do not think that CP sustained much direct damage, with Katrina, but maybe they re-did the upstairs.

          I have no answer, but will certainly change MY answer, when one asks for a "romatic table."

          By any chance, did you ask either hostess for their rec. on the most "romantic table" at CP?

          It might be a few months, but on our next trip, we'll definitely try to get to the bottom of this. I'd hate to think that CP has re-decorated to the point of eliminating our favorite table, even if they did stiff me on a previous trip - it was STILL "table #8" then, though that was pre-K (about two days after Chef Shannon's death). Gotta' be either a mis-communication (on my part), or a major change. Though it might not help you, I'm on the case, and will report. Until then, I will refrain from any mention of "table #8." Sorry if I have misled you in any way. That's the problem with an ex-local, who only gets back to NOLA about once per year, and doesn't have enough time to dine at ALL of the old favs.

          I deeply apologize for any confusion that I might have caused. I now feel horrible and rather dumb about the whole thing.

          I'll also contact a "favorite" nephew, who was a sous-chef for that end of the Brennan family (though never at CP, IIRC), and see if he has any contacts left.



          1. re: Bill Hunt

            no trouble at all my good man! tho if you ever do find out, i will be curious.

            we did eat in the upstairs dining room, but it was my first time up there so im not sure if its changed much. ill post on it soon.

      2. I'm definitely curious too. Please post an update when you get it!

        1. Table #8 was a designated table # before Katrina and the ensuing renovation. The table is now #308 and is not raised, although it is still under the turret and somewhat off to the side. The table is located in the Coliseum dining room and that room is typically (although not always) used for private functions.

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          1. re: fruitcake

            Thank you for that clarification. I greatly appreciate the information.

            Now, I have to ask: was table #308 *ever* raised, or was that a figment of my fertile imagination? I thought that we had a short riser (say 6") to reach that table. Maybe it's just my feeble memory. The years have not been kind...

            Last, given enough lead time, is it still possible to dine at that table, if there is NOT a private event, or is it pretty much off-limits now?

            Again, I greatly appreciate the information,