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Dec 18, 2008 05:58 PM

Egg Roll Buns in KC?

Looking for delicious egg roll buns (the sandwich kind) like they used to make at the Cakebox Bakery in KC. Any suggestions? Thanks, annie

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  1. You might check a Jewish deli, like the New York Bakery on Troost or Jason's Deli. Seeing the Cakebox Bakery takes me back to when I was 5! I loved that place - Mom went there all the time. : )

    1. cosentinos market in brooskide may special order them for you..?

      1. Try the Roma Bakery outlet store located at the Roma location just north of Hwy 210 on Chouteau Trafficway, near Harrah's Casino. I'd call them before I went just to be sure they have exactly what you want.