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Dec 18, 2008 05:39 PM

Prime Rib $3.99lb

Metro/ A&P offering grade AA or better. Need to feed 20, anyone have previous large beef orders from A&P? Have a couple backups, but may consider a 15-20lb from Metro?

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  1. I have had good prime rib from Dominion since Metro took over, but you will have to specify good, broad marbling, at the counter, and you'll probably need 20 lb for 20 people, considering the waste.

    1. This week's Superstore add boasts they'll beat anyone's price by 10% on any items advertised on their front page with a price guarantee next to it. Their Prime rib price is $5.99 per pound, but if you take in the A&P ad you should be able to get it for $3.60 per pound.

      Same goes for Butterball turkeys. Superstore has them for $1.99, Super WalMart has them for $1.47. You should be able to get them for $1.33 at Superstore.

      To answer the original question, I've picked up prime ribs from Dominion a few times with excellent results.

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      1. re: Dr Butcher

        I tried matching at Superstore and they pointed out that the prime rib at A&P isn't trimmed and theirs is so it's not the same product.

        The turkeys at Superstore are stuffed and the WalMart turkeys aren't so again it's not the same product.

        What got to me was the attitude of the Superstore customer service employees we asked before picking anything out. They blatantly said "we have people working on these ads to ensure we don't give anything away."


        1. re: Dr Butcher

          If you can be bothered, you should complain to Loblaw's customer service. While their interpretation is literally correct, their attitude stinks.

          This reminds me of when I tried to get a downtown store with a big "we price match" sign to match the $20 cheaper price of the item at Cayne's in Thornhill. They refused because this was Cayne's regular price and they only matched "advertised specials".

          Remember that when you buy a stuffed turkey, you are paying turkey prices for bread. The stuffed turkey should be cheaper :-)

          1. re: embee

            Going to give Metro a chance. I trust it is not prime beef, but prepared properly, I think I can make it work.

          2. re: Dr Butcher

            I picked up a small $3.99/lb rib roast from Metro today, and it is in the oven now. Frankly, it was well trimmed, and less than half the price of their Red Grill Angus roasts (which had slightly better marbling).

            A Loblaws employee should not underestimate the competition.

            ed. to add: Just finished devouring the $11 roast, very tasty with pan gravy and fingerlings. Enough for three, and well worth it.

            1. re: jayt90

              I got a well trimmed beauty myself a 5 pounder. Looks delicious. Got 2 of the lobsters steamed at Metro as well. Its great to be snowed in !!!!

              1. re: jayt90

                I also bought one today that was very nicely trimmed. They were also custom cutting roasts for customers who wanted sizes that were different than those already cut.

                I've had very good luck in the past with their prime rib specials.

          3. I found a nice rib, suitable for 3 people, at the Danforth/VP Metro. Obviously it hasn't been eaten yet, but it was nicely trimmed and somewhat marbled. However, I was lucky. Only one other roast in the rather large case was well trimmed. All of the others had large portions of the tough cap - enough to make these roasts significantly more expensive than their selling price implies. Most had little to no marbling. Indeed, the guy who was stocking the adjacent case commented on my ability to pick and mused that the roast I got probably was a mislabeled "Red Grill" cut and shouldn't have been in the sale fridge. Good luck.

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            1. re: embee

              We have used Dominion/AP/TheBARN and now Metro for most of our Prime Rib Purchases. Always ask the butcher for what you want rather than look in the counter, they will cut and trim it better when ordered this way.

                1. re: embee

                  Worth a try. I have had the butcher at a Sobey's cut 1.75" boneless rib steaks for me when the trays, on special, were too thin. He opened a new cryovac bag, then carefully cut and trimmed my order, and weighed it for sale pricing.
                  Perhaps good service is a suburban thing!

                  1. re: jayt90

                    I am sorry, but $3.99 prime rib is not chow.
                    Even if you own the cow, on your own farm, and selling whole beasts, $3.99 is way too low for quality raised. Be careful of stockyard beef.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. The promotion from Metro is for Canada "AA", not Canada prime.
                Western Canadian beef is finished humanely on barley, and a far cry from the stock yards of the midwest.


              2. Some posts about Prime Rib in general have been split over to the General Topics board so more hounds can benefit from the great info in them. You can find them here:

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                1. re: The Chowhound Team

                  Ended Up with a 7kg American Choice grade from Costco. Seven bones, cooked slowly after searing on the barbeque. Turned out excellent, very pleased. I trust a prime grade could possibly been better marbled, but I was extremely pleased.