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Dec 18, 2008 03:45 PM

Pho 99 in Brentwood closed!

Does anybody know of a decent Pho spot on the west side?

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  1. Try Phobulous and Pho Show. I don't know of much else....

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    1. re: Adsvino

      Thanks to both of you for replying! We too were surprised, having been there a couple weeks ago when it was packed. The Chinese Buffet in the same strip mall closed down too, and it was almost always doing a good business....

      1. re: Sweetalicious

        Good news. I went by yesterday. The sign says they're closed temporarily for repairs.

    2. This is really surprising -- they always seemed packed at lunch. Any indication of what will take its place?

      1. Le Saigon on Santa Moncia Blvd just a few blocks west of Sawtelle and near the Royal Theater is really tasty, it has pho, bun, the works. I like the bun with grilled chicken or pork myshelf, but I've had the pho too and its good. Nice owners.

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        1. re: noshie

          Yes, I actually prefer the bun at Le Saigon. I find the vegetables and meat are generally better there than Pho 99.

        2. thanks to everyone! i'm so glad it isn't gone.