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Dec 18, 2008 02:52 PM

Looking for great food in Charleston...

Going to Charleston for several days and I want to eat great food. Any ideas...

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  1. Charleston Grill.

    Don't miss the fois gras!

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    1. re: megabytes

      Charleston Grill is definitely great, but my top three are:

      1. McCrady's - Cutting edge food made with produce from their own farm
      2. SNOB - Just went for the first time recently, was OUTSTANDING. Consistently mentioned in these type of threads as one of the best in the city.
      3. FIG - Simply prepared, excellent, excellent food. High quality local ingredients.

      Hope this helps!
      - DH - One Charleston College Student's Guide to Food and Film

    2. Several questions:

      What type of cuisine?
      Vegetarian or meat eaters?
      What's your price range?
      What part of town?
      Will you be bringing kids?
      Which meals are you thinking of - lunch, dinner?

      You may also want to do a search on "Charleston" and read some of the other reviews/recommendations - Charleston is a very popular topic on these boards.

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      1. re: Suzy Q

        My boyfriend and I are going for about 4 days. No kids. No price range. Looking for lunch and dinner. We love great seafood, great drinks, great salads. Any ideas...

      2. re: Charleston Grill-- we had perfect service and serviceable food when we went, and spent a TON. I would not put it on the list of places we really grooved on. FIG was one of the best meals I've ever had. We also enjoyed Al di La in West Ashley, Basil for Thai, and the Ocean Room on Kiawah. McCrady's is AWESOME.
        we used this post, actually, as a guide when we went:

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        1. re: Pigloader

          The food at Charleston Grill is outstanding, easily amongst the best in the Southeast.

          FIG is capable of great food, but wildly inconsistent in execution. We had several awful plates of overcooked and bone-dry food there, and the place has terrible atmosphere. Vastly overrated restaurant.

            1. re: megabytes

              guess we must have been on an off night.

        2. local here... welcome to our City. Our favs are Pennisula Grill, Cypress, Magnolia's and SNOB (Slightly North of Broad). You won't go wrong at any of these. SNOB offers a walk in chef's selection in the back (highly recommend that). Charleston is culinary mecca... enjoy it and soak it in. Just beware that the rooftop bar at the French Quarter in has great views but horrible customer service... they are slow and always pay cash not credit... it may be hours before you get your order right and your card back. The rooftop bar at Venue is our fav along with the Blind Tiger on Broad.

          For great breakfast or cheap eats (with great homestyle Southern food) try Boulevard Diner in Mt. Pleasant.

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          1. re: hmbyrd00

            Hi there - i'm piggybacking on the original post... if you were to recommend 3 restaurants - one seafood, one comfort food and one BBQ - would you recommend Pearlz, Boulevard Diner... ? and could you suggest a BBQ place? Many thanks.

          2. I drive two hours and stay overnight just to eat dinner at McCrady's.