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Dec 18, 2008 02:04 PM

Looking for great scacciata like D&S or Marino's used to make in Middletown, CT?

I grew up in Middletown and am missing the scacciata (broccoli, spinach or potato pies) we used to get at D&S on Route 17 or Marino's on Ferry Street. The only thing I've had recently that was remotely close was from Patty Cakes in Rocky Hill. Any other suggestions? I don't mind taking a ride for good food, so anywhere in CT would work for me. Thank you!

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  1. There was a place on 17 next to True Value (behind Liberty Bank) that had it. I can't remember the name, it's a pizza place, but I didn't think it was D&S.
    Sadly, no one really knows what I'm talking about when I ask about it (my stepfather's family always had it, they're Sicilian.)
    Patty Cakes' is ok, not the same.

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      Thanks, Dennis. I was beginning to think no one would respond! ;) The place you mentioned was D&S then Sebby's (or maybe vice versa) and it was terrific. We ate scaciatta throughout the year, but it was always great to have one on Christmas Eve. I never realized it was kind of exclusive to the Middletown area. BTW, the pizza place next to True Value is now nothing like D&S or Sebby's, unfortunately...and, of course, no scacciata. :( Agree Patty Cakes isn't the same, but it's all I've got until I learn to make it myself. Merry Christmas eating to you!

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        I wonder if they have it every day, or you just got lucky. I'll check it out and report back when I get there. Thanks! And no doubt re your grandma.

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      1. Oh, this brings back memories! I agree that it's hard to find a good scacciata when you've had the best!

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          Well, the good news is--that very same scacciata (like D&S) can be found at Gotta's Farm Stand in Portland once they open again for the season. It was my happiest food find of 2011!

          1. re: kattyeyes

            I forgot you found it, kattyeyes! I will put this on
            my calendar so I won't forget to go.
            Now craving it…

        2. I was just reading an article about a bakery that has opened in Cromwell and found mention of scaciatta if anyone is still interested. The name of the bakery is Biscotti e Dolci and it is located at 621 Main Street. The few comments I have read indicate the baked goods are good. Here is a link to the article:

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            Sadly, Biscotti e Dolci has gone out of business.

          2. Marco's Deli on William the real thing. His mom Mrs. Genovese made the best at her shop. I am sure she is somewhere in that kitchen,definitely try Marco's for real authentic Sicilian scacciata. Call first,may have to order that ahead of time.He offers a great menu there,check it out!

            Address: 232 William Street, Middletown, CT 06457
            Phone:(860) 638-3992

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            1. re: linarose

              Good news for me--after years of searching for something that didn't exist anymore (GREAT SCACCIATA), last year, I figured out how to make it myself. Anything is easy to pull off if you want it badly enough to make it happen. And I did.

              As to Marco's Deli, I grew up here and have lived here most of my life. I never went to Marco's Deli, but I see that it's now closed.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                FYI - Lori, the cook at D & S for nine years now makes the exact same scacciata as D & S from the kitchen of Gotta's farm stand in Portland, CT. She makes potato, broccoli, spinach, or any combo of. She sells it by the slice @ $4., half sheet @ $13., and whole sheet @ $23.. She also makes
                Marino's hamburg pizza @ $15. a pie. She also works part time at the post office so you must give her at least 24 hours notice. I have brought her scacciata to parties and everybody loves it. The only problem is Gotta's is closed from Christmas to Easter. In the meantime I have been getting it at Mama's Italian Deli on Williams street in Middletown. (860)346-6100 It is a thicker version than Gotta's but also very good. They sell Giant slices for $4. each, a very reasonable price.