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Dec 18, 2008 01:57 PM

Barbeque west of San Antonio

I'm gonna be in Texas next month and will be flying into San Antonio then going west on I10 towards Sonora and I was looking to get advice on a Barbeque place somewhere on the way. I've read the posts and it seems that the really great places are elsewhere but we'd be willing to go an hour out of our way if it's really good!

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  1. Go east, young man. Head out I-10 to Luling, or take an extra thirty minute round trip to Lockhart for some of Texas' finest. Dine in your auto if necessary, if you don't get to Texas often and are within sniffing distance of these places, my advice is go for it. The places are well chronicled on this board, City Market, Smitty's, Kreuz, Blacks, Chisolm Trail, do it.

    1. You'll actually be going NW on I-10 but I agree with James Cristinian on Luling or Lockhart. You could probably study the maps and find a more direct route to Lockhart on a backroad, say, through San Marcos, and then find another route back to I-10 without having to go back to SA. Back roads in Texas are good roads, just watch your speed going through small towns.

      Also, there's been some mention on this board about Cooper's in Mason, related to the more famous Cooper's in Llano. Mason is not that far off I-10 about half way to Sonora. I've never been so can't rate it but check around.

      Timing makes a difference by the way City Market in Luling closes at 5pm and is closed on Sunday.

      1. Texas Pride BBQ just east of San Antonio a couple of miles in St Hedwig ain't a bad substitute if you don't want to drive to Luling or Lockhart.

        1. Can't disagree that Luling and Lockhart are the "holy places" of Texas bbq. But, it's directly out of your way. If you're not that particular, there is a Coopers in Junction, right off I-10 on the north side. I've eaten there several times (not recently) and it is so-so. Depends on what you order and the time of day. The pork chops dry out and I'm not sure the brisket is ever anything else. There's chicken, ribs and sausage as well. It's clean and large with kind of a fast food atmosphere, but for location you won't beat it.

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            What does directly out of your way mean? Luling is five miles north of I-10, Lockhart maybe twenty, a small detour when you are driving thousands of miles.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              They are going west from san antonio. luling is east. I'd say 180 degrees is out of the way. Where did you get driving thousands of miles from?

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                I wrote that on New Years Eve and must have been under the wrong impression, that maybe they were driving. It's probably irrelevant, they said they were coming in January, and it is all but over.

          2. Alright we are convinced and will be going to City Market Luling on the day we arrive in San Antonio(right from the airport) and are really looking forward to it but the next day when we travel out on I10 we are going to get barbeque also and we were told by the guy we are going out to visit that Lum's in Junction is his favorite for barbeque in that area.

            Any thoughts on Lum's?

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              Be sure to order fatty brisket, not lean, plus ribs, and sausage. I dont know about Lum's, but Junction sure is some pretty country.

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                I understand Lum's doesn't open till 7:00 PM.

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                  city market in luling is out of your way, but put me in the camp that says it is worth it if you have the time to make the drive.

                  i cant speak for the coopers in junction, but the one in llano is excellent. it will add some time to your trip, but you will get to see some of the prettiest hill country around on highway 71.

                  dont be tempted by the smoked prime rib, stick with brisket and jalapeno sausage. if you want to try something exotic, get the cabrito or the sirloin.

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                    I'm the original poster of this thread and here is my report. Friday we got to Luling around 1pm. (It did not smell by the way). City Market was not too crowded and there was a small line. It seemed like the people there were the most hardcore barbeuce people of all. We got brisket, sausage and ribs. Even though I asked for fatty brisket we actually got a combination of lean and fatty. The fatty brisket was really good but the lean was kind of chewy. It all had a nice smoke ring. The sausage was absolutely amazing though. Really juicy and flavorful. I didn't have the ribs but my girlfriend said they were pretty tasty.

                    Saturday we got up and got to Lockhart around noon. We went Kreuz Market and got fatty brisket plus jalapeno and regular sausage. The brisket was really good again, not as chewy as City Market but again with a really nice smoke ring. Jalapeno sausage was spicy and the regular sausage was good too. This was the place with the best atmosphere. Again was not too crowded (only one side was open). but the smoke room was really cool and the smoke was intense. Lots of local families were having lunch and it seemed like a friendly place.

                    As we were leaving Kreuz Market I talked my GF into going on to Blacks where we again got fatty brisket and regular sausage. Now here was brisket heaven. This brisket was so moist and flavorful that the description that comes to mind is pillowy. It melted just melted in your mouth. The sausage again was good from what I remember but we were so full at that point that we could not make the run to Smitty's.

                    So my unofficial Connecticut Yankee rating is as follows

                    Brisket Sausage
                    1) Black's 1) City Market
                    2) Kreuz Market 2) Kreuz Market
                    3) City Market 3) Black's

                    Kreuz had the most friendly atmosphere, City Market seemed almost churchlike in terms of the people eating there and Black's was small and homey.

                    I absolutley loved it all and hope to go back there soon!!!!!

                    1. re: jonsull

                      i never would have guessed somebody would rate kreuz tops for atmosphere. the place is brand new. smittys is the place to go for that.

                      i have dreams about the sausage at city market. their brisket isnt the best, but i could eat a shoe if it had that sauce on it. im pretty sure crack is one of the ingredients.

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                        I'm with you on Black's brisket--my favorite. Glad you had a good time!