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Dec 18, 2008 01:06 PM

Opentable Irritating Telephone Confirmations

I just hate it when some maitre'd interrupts me in the middle of the business day to confirm a reservation. Is there a reason why Opentable does not use email?? If the restaurant does not get a response to an email, then go ahead and call. Just wondering how others feel about this...

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  1. doesn't phase me at all.

    1. This happens with non-open table ressies as well. I do find if I'm don't tke the call I get a crappy table, which isn't too surprising. They're not sure I'm going to show. A lot of people blow off reservations without a second thought.

      1. i would imagine that the reason is that the person who is confirming the reservations is concurrently on duty at the hostess station. it makes perfect sense to me that a restaurant would not want to set up internet/email access from the hostess station.

        1. It isn't Open Table that does this, it's the restaurants themselves. I'm not a fan of it, but I accept it as a necessary evil. If people were responsible about canceling reservations they didn't intend to honor, restaurants wouldn't need to take this step. And judging by the number of Chowhound posters who ask for help deciding between multiple restaurants - and mention all the "placeholder" reservations they've made - it's probably a good idea.

          As to calling vs. email, a phone call means the restaurant can be reasonably sure the message went through.

          I also see it as an affirmation - oh, good, they remember I'm coming.

          1. You do not have to pick up every call, that's why there is voice mail. Let them leave a message and then you can call back when it is convenient for you.

            BTW - The MD has no idea what your work day is like.