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Dec 18, 2008 12:40 PM


Does anyone know if any of the local Jewish grocery stores or butchers, either down on Pico and Robertson or up in North Hollywood happen to sell unrendered chicken fat? I'd like to cook it down for kasha varnishkes. And to clog my arteries.

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  1. Can't speak to LA but the National chains (Stop & Shop) in our area (New England) have a small kosher section in the freezer area that has Empire products - including little tubs of schmalz and squares of chicken livers..

    Also, failing all else, it's easy (but timestaking) to render your own. Make stock from a whole raw chicken (preferably an old fowl, not a modern roaster) - make sure to start from cold water and warm up slowly so that you don't get a lot of congealed blood. After it's cooled enough, filter through cheesecloth or a filter bag into a mason jar and put in the fridge. The fat will form on top, and if the soup was nice and clear, the fat will also be nice and clear. Make the kasha varnishkes, and make some matzohballs too - for the soup!

    1. i'm sure one of the Pico/Roberston markets must carry it...or one of the places on Fairfax between Beverly & Melrose. call a few and ask.

      1. In NoHo you can try Eilat Market, Glatt Mart or Cambridge Market.

        1. I've heard that Gelson's sell schmaltz, but I don't know about particular locations.

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            I've seen it in the freezer section at the Gelsons in Encino.

          2. Not NOHO but I saw some at Ventura Kosher Meat in Tarzana the other day.