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Dec 18, 2008 12:40 PM

Duck in Baltimore?

After much back and forth we've decided on duck for Christmas dinner. I need two Peking-style ducks. Any idea where to buy them?

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  1. Well, short of driving down to DC, you can get Hong Kong-style roasted duck (which is almost, but not quite the same as Peking style) at the AA Supermarket (Chinese) on Security Blvd, along with other Cantonese-style barbecued meats. Might want to call ahead to reserve 2 and determine appropriate pick up time to get them still fresh.

    1. In Baltimore, Szechuan House and Sonny Lee's Hunan Taste both serve them, but who knows, they could come from Ducks R Us. But the owners, who worked together and visit each other, both seem proud when they carve them tableside. The area standard seems to still be Mark's Duck House in far east Arlington, though the new owners reportedly raised the prices and it's way on the other side of DC.

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        If you want closer - in columbia at Asean Bistro - they have pretty decent peking duck...while not the same as JWHK - I've enjoyed it.....

        Also - just wanted to mention that AA Supermarket has closed on Security Blvd - seems they moved to Rt 40 near H mart....haven't quite found it yet though...

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          larap2 - REALLY? I feel like I was just there about a month ago, but I guess in retrospect it's been more like 2 months. I was driving along Rt 40 the other day and saw a big new Asian supermarket (not yet open, but looks to be close to opening; external signs are all up) near Pho #1 inside the 695 beltway (the shopping center it was in looks to be an Asian shopping center, and it's further inside the beltway - further east - than Pho #1 by about a mile or two). Interesting to know that it's likely not a new Chinese grocery store, but just a moved/expanded version of AA Supermarket.

      2. Oops, I guess I wasn't clear. I want Peking duck as in the breed, not the dish. I plan to cook them myself.

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          I think Pekin, not Peking, is the duck that you want...not that I know where to find them.

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            Pekin, aka Long Island, can be purchased in most any grocery store. Wegmans in Hunt Valley carries the D'Artagnan brand, which is much better.

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              Thanks for the rec. I did get the D'Artagnan ones from Wegman's, since I did much of my Xmas dinner grocery shopping there.

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                They are really lovely ducks. You also get giblets in the carcass. I cook them according to Kafka's roasting book;
                1. Trim the backbone. Trim the fat near the tail.
                2. Prick the skin, not the meat, especially in the fatty breasts and thighs.
                3. Parboil 45 minutes! (It's not as bad as it sounds. If you make a lot of ducks you can freeze the broth and it will get really rich and you won't steal a lot of flavor from subsequent birds. The broth also makes a killer risotto. Lastly, you can reclaim a lot of fat from the broth for cooking potatos etc. Parboiling makes your duck a lot less greasy.)
                4. Pat the duck dry give it some time in air to really dry. Even take a hair drier to it to dry the skin and iopen the pores before roasting.
                5. Season and roast at 500 for 30 minutes. A little broiler time at the end might help get the skin crisp.
                6. Enjoy, and don't forget the pan sauce for gravy.

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                  Thanks for the tip. I'm actually doing the five hour duck with sour cherry compote recommended by another chowhound on the Home Cooking board. You can find it here:

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                    I read the recipe, Jon, and started to salivate: my moutgh can imagine it. Roast potatoes with it, or noodles?

                    1. re: crowsonguy

                      Actually, I had the side dishes planned before the main course. I posted about them here: