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Dec 18, 2008 11:55 AM

Sushi near LAX

Got my folks in town just for the night and they are staying by the airport..
can anyone reco a good sushi place for us??

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  1. Hands down. Sugar Fish in Marina Del Rey. Nice marina setting, super close, damn good sushi.

    Also, you may want to look into sushi in Manhattan Beach. Also very close and scenic, but no personal recommendations.

    1. Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa 4722 1/4 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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      1. re: ljeanne

        i respectfully, completely disagree with the sugarfish recommendation.

        their sushi is, at best, fair to poor, imho.

        if you like your tuna sashimi to be full of white veins of connective tissue (the kind that look and taste and have the mouth-feel of white dental floss), and you also like to have the dental-floss-sashimi flooded with a gallon of ponzu sauce to cover up the taste, you may like sugarfish.

        if you don't like ordering for yourself, and are willing to accept insipid rolls and other fillers as a required parts of the 'package deals' that one is required to order in that place, then maybe you'll like sugarfish.

        i did have some sushi that was actually good in the LAX area a couple of years ago at taiko on rosecrans (el segundo/manhattan beach area). if i were limited to the LAX area, that's where i'd go.

        1. re: westsidegal

          I went to sugarfish and had mixed feelings. We ordered the "surprise me", some items were decent, others not so good. Overall just average and not totally worth the size of the bill..

          1. re: westsidegal

            Taiko has gone downhill very fast. Not what it was a few years past.. A friend of mine was there two weeks ago. Its a pass...

            1. re: Foodandwine

              that's too bad.
              thanks for the warning.

        2. Try this thread - there's another thread within the thread by Servorg as well...

          1. you'll have better options if you're willing to travel a short distance...there's K-Zo or Sushi Karen in Culver City; Shima or Chaya in Venice; The Hump in SM...

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            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              Even Irori in Marina Del Rey would be fine.

              4371 Glencoe Ave
              Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
              (310) 822-3700

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                the hump, aside from being the farthest of the group, can also be UNBELIEVABLY pricey--sometimes costing more than urasawa.

                i've now heard several stories of unpredictable and unbelievably high checks coming out of that place.. . . .

              2. what night of the week will they be here? many sushi places are not open on sundays.