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Dec 18, 2008 11:44 AM

Gift Certificate in Sacramento

My sister-in-law and her partner live in Sacramento and we would like to get them a gift certificate to a local restaurant for Christmas. We have a $30/person limit, so a total of $60 to spend on both of them. I realize that $60 probably won't cover an entire meal with wine, but it should at least put a good dent in the bill. We're not looking for the nicest place in town, but someplace that a local would be genuinely excited to receive a gift certificate for. I don't know too much about their likes and dislikes but they would probably consider themselves to be "foodies" and are more adventurous than most. Thank you for your recommendations!

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  1. there's a couple of local chains that if you get a gift card you can use it at a variey of restaurants. i like to do that so then they can pick
    one is SRO- bistro 33, riverside clubhouse
    and other is paragays chain- whole variety of places
    and all price ranges