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Dec 18, 2008 11:01 AM

holiday lunch

planning a lunch on saturday with a friend, we both live in the city, looking for:
tasty food, warm comfortable atmosphere, good drinks/cocktails, can be somewhat pricey but not super-expensive, preferably down-town, and it would be fun to try a new or new-ish place. Thanks all!

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  1. do you have any specific cuisines in mind?

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    1. I highly recommend Fleur de Sel, which has all the attributes you are seeking except for one -- it isn't new.

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      1. re: RGR

        that is so funny, I literally just looked up Fleur do sel before I checked for replies! Thanks, we are clearly on the same wave-length,

      2. Not new but an old fave... Blue Ribbon Bakery, Bedford and Downing in the West Village and it's perfect for this time of year.

        1. I just got an email from Eleven Madison Park about a "new" $28 two-course lunch menu. You may want to try this.

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            Eleven Madison Park does not serve lunch on Saturday. (See original post.)

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              "Eleven Madison Park does not serve lunch on Saturday. (See original post.)"

              The saturday part in the original post was clear, but the email from Eleven Madison stated that the new lunch "menu will change throughout the week", and didn't say anything that it's only on weekdays. I thought it was a holiday promotional thing. We'll go along with whatever you say.

              1. re: RCC

                In July, EMP began serving dinner only on Saturdays and closing entirely on Sundays. The hours are posted on their website.

       (Click "Reservations.")

                They eliminated the a la carte format at lunch and changed to the 2-course $28 menu ($14 for each additional course and $12 for dessert) several weeks ago. It is not just for the holiday season.