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Dec 18, 2008 10:57 AM

Restaurants in Bergen, Norway

Does anyone know any good restaurants in Bergen? I wil be there over the Christmas holidays. I'm not a fan of lutefisk, although I like fish soup and fiskeboller and love Kjottkaker. Thank you.

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  1. I'm back from my trip. Monday night I had dinner at the Chinese restaurant on the harbor. It was OK for Cantonese, but was bland like Cantonese usually is. The chicken soup with noodles had almost no taste. The egg roll was good, as was the butterfly shrimp. I ate lunch Tuesday at the Harbor Cafe. I had a shrimp appetizer (shrimp in olive oil and garlic. It was good, but over priced at 120 NOK. Then I had surf and turf for an entree. The filet was excellent, well-cooked and had 2 shrimp on a skewer stuck into it for the surf. it was served with au gratin potatoes, which were excellent. I forget the price, but it wasn't too bad for Bergen. Christmas Eve I found a fish market down from the hotel that had cooked fish balls (fried) and fish cakes for takeout, so I got some and at in my room. They were excellent. Christmas Day I ate Christmas dinner at the Radisson Hotel, which was one of the few places open. They had a buffet with all kinds of salads, which I do not eat. The entrees inluded baked haddock in butter with parsley, roast beef thin sliced with gravy, some whale (I think that's what it was, but didn;t try it), boiled potatoes with butter and some vegetables. The dessert section was sumptious, but not particularly Norwegian: flan, chocolate mousse, light lemon mousse, strawberries, cream, some dessert sauces and other things. It was very good and cost 295 NOK with coffee. Every morning I had breakfast in the hotel breakfast room, which was excellent. It was a combination of Norwegian, German, American and English breakfast. The round loaf of white bread was outstanding, as was the ham and cheeses (Gudbransdalost, some of the best I've ever had, a white cheese, blue cheese. Overall I find the food in Norway excellent, high quality.

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      Hey there, I'm going to Bergen tomorrow and fortuitously came across your post. Do you remember the names of any other restaurants you enjoyed? I'm particularly on the hunt for really good fish (so surprising in Scandinavia, I know). Thanks!