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Dec 18, 2008 10:41 AM

San Diego Birthday suggestion for 15 people

Okay, I'm brainstorming on where to take my friends for my birthday. We are expecting about 15 people. My goal is about $20 per person for food and drinks. I'm looking for:

-Place that can seat us all
-Pitchers of beer
-Decent food. Burgers, salads, etc. would be nice. Pizza would be another option.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Happy Hour..
    Bar pizza in SD tacos and brig brews
    Fidel's..happy hour or dine downstairs
    Mc Cormicks & Schmicks at the Omni..Gaslamp..great $3 cheeseburger & fries

    Better Half $15 (3) course meal ..bring a bottle of wine
    Pizza Nova

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking Basic, but I'm not loving the seating there.

      I just found a burger place called Boomerangs, anyone been there? Prices seem reasonable, and they can definitely fit us.

      1. re: maggersmagoo

        Boomerangs is very hit or miss. One day pretty good burgers with lousy service, a few weeks later service even worse with ok burgers.
        Have you looked into Pizza Port in Solana? Decent pizza, great beer selection, can seat a large group.

        1. re: ginael

          That's funny, I was just praising Pizza Port in another thread the other day. We just went there for another birthday last week, so probably don't want to do a repeat.

    2. Not my favorite of the beer bars, but PB Taproom could handle a large group the easiest. They still have a solid selection of beers and pretty good pizza. If you're up in North County I think one of the Pizza Port locations would be better though.

      Downtown in the Gaslamp you might want to consider Bondi or Basic but price might be cutting it a bit close downtown.

      If you're willing to compromise everyone sitting at one table, you might be able to get Hamilton's, O'Briens, or Toronado to work. One of those would be my preference, but 15 is a bit difficult.