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Dec 18, 2008 10:28 AM

Food on Christmas Day - Madison

Any ideas for restaurants/food stores that might be open on christmas day? I'm planning to call Lao Lan Xang (if I have that name right), but where else do you think would be a good bet to try. Thanks!

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  1. I think Flavor of India is open. You might try Himal Chuli or Dobhan or Chautara. Or even Takari? I know that Edo was open on Christmas Eve last year, because I nearly lost control of my car on Monona Drive going to the east side one.

    1. Thaks for the help. Dobhan was closed, we wound up at the Afghan place nearby. Kabul, I think . It pretty much sucked (except for the very good salad dressing), but was better than eating at IHOP or a gas station as we have done in the past. Our hotel told us that Edgewater was having a buffet, I wish we had done that. Takara was open, I noticed, OK, I wish I had done that.

      A cool bar called Genna (i think) on the square opened up at 8 pm on Christmas night. Nice place, good music, xmas lights, and they put out of plate of rice krispie squares.

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        Maza, across the street from Kabul, is run by the same family but for some reason is (in my opinion) a lot better. But then again, I don't think Kabul sucks, I just think it's kind of OK, so maybe our tastes in Afghan differ (or your standards are much higher.) Neither one is as good as, e.g., the Baltimore or Cambridge Helmand.

      2. The original comment has been removed