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Dec 18, 2008 10:16 AM


DW and I will be in Brevard for a week after Christmas and thought we would sneak down to Asheville one night -- perhaps with our (relatively quiet) 6 week old -- for some breathing room. I wouldn't say price is no object, but we don't mind paying pretty much whatever if the meal is worth it. Wine is important to us, also. I've come up with the following list from combing the board: Stovetrotters, Zambra, Limones, fig, Cucina 24, Rezaz, Bistro 1896, table, and Gabrielle's. I'd appreciate input on these choices/pointing out places I might have missed.

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  1. your research seems pretty good! I'll add that Zambra has a good wine list, lots of Spanish choices. I've only been to Bistro 1896 once, thought it was fair, and have never heard a really good review. I'd take that off the lsit. If it were I, I would choose among Zambra,Fig and Cucina 24. Have fun!

    1. With a 6 week old I'd probably narrow your choices down to Zambra and maybe Cucina 24. In the interest of finding somewhere you could have a quiet corner or at least somewhere if the baby got fussy you wouldn't disturb anyone else because:
      Stovetrotters, Limones, fig and Table are essentially all just one large dining area and all can get pretty noisy with other diners. Gabrielle's is pretty restrained and fine dining...I honestly don't know much about Bistro 1896
      With Zambra you could ask for one of the cozy corner tables that are in the cave-like portion and it would be very intimate and private. Cucina 24 has an interesting shaped dining room that also might work better. I really like both and both have good wine. Of the 2 I'd say Cucina 24 has a small edge in my book.

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        We went to Zambra's and had a very good meal. We did not end up in the alcove as we asked when we called (probably our fault as we pushed our reservation back -- twice), but they seated us where the car seat wasn't too obtrusive. The food was good, and the wine list was very nice. The server was knowledgeable and helpful, although service was choppy at times. All in all, quite an enjoyable experience. I will recommend Zambra's to others.

      2. Service at Gabrielle's has slipped lately. The Inn has declared bankruptcy in the last week or so and, though that may not affect the restaurant, I'm not sure I'd bank on having a great meal there. Especially if it was your only fine dining meal in Asheville.

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          just curious where you found that info about Richmond Hill Inn.

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            From an employee who happens to be friend.

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            Hmmm....this makes me think gift certificates are not a great last-minute gift this year, no matter how desperate the buyer. I gave my parents a gc to Richmond/Gabrielle's several years ago and it took them 6 mo to use it. Glad that wasn't this year.

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              Bankruptcy is just a rumor. It would be public record if it were true...

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                I visited Asheville a few weeks ago and went to two places worth suggesting:

                Tupelo Honey downtown is absolutely fabulous and the service was amazing. We had the fried okra and it was perfect. The angus burger is tasty with a choice of cheese. The home fries are tasty as well. It's an affordable, fresh, and local option that is worth the trip.

                Savoy is about five minutes from downtown. While it is on the expensive side, if you are celebrating a special occasion, I recommend it. Ian, the Manager and our Waiter for the evening was a wonderful onephile. He enjoyed talking about the wine selection as much as we enjoyed consuming it. There food is farm-to-plate, with the best evening being Saturday because of the selections available on Saturday morning at the farmer's market.