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Dec 18, 2008 09:51 AM

Vancouver for a Group of 30

Looking for an excellent place for dinner to accommodate ages 25-75 in Vancouver. We'll be about 30 people...

Open to all suggestions, + for good atmosphere and not just standard ethnic (indian, chinese, etc) suggestions but those would be OK too.

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  1. Beyond Resturant , on Burrad St, call and ask for Bennie the manager , he is one of the best in Van and will take good care of your group.

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    1. re: Organicwine

      Try the Hamilton St Grill they have a private room that would suit

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        The Hamilton St Grill is great for group functions and has a nicely designed menu for wide ranging tastes. The desserts are fantastic (eg their killer gingerbread pudding).

        Cioppino's is also great - but will cost more and the menu is more focused.

    2. Chambar will open up Medina next door for private parties in the evening. I think they require a minimum spend of about $2500.

      Nu also had a private room with a min spend of $2000

      Afghan Horseman - might be fun to take over one of their rooms with the nice decor and cushions on the floor... but might be hard for the elderly to sit for a long time.

      Le Marrakech also has a cute downstairs area that is semi-private

      I just had a group at Hamilton Street Grill and the private room was really nice.