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Dec 18, 2008 09:39 AM

New and good in Greenville, SC

I grew up in Greenville, but after the hubby joined the Navy a few years ago, we've moved a couple of times and haven't really been back to SC in a while. I'm going back for Christmas, staying a week. What's new and good to eat?

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  1. American Grocery - focus on local cuisine, $$$$, great wine list, located on Main in the West End, (dinner only)

    Pomegranate on Main - $$, persian food, really good food all around, best hummus in town, typically good bartenders and staff, large outdoor seating area (covered in the winter).

    Devereaux's - $$$$, great young chef, creative, utilizes local, seasonal cuisine. Staff can be a bit hit or miss and can seriously detract from an experience, but the food is worth it.

    Lazy Goat - tapas style small plates, pizza, $$, many specials throughout the week, located in front of the Hampton Inn, overlooking the river, part of the Table 301 group (Soby's, O, Devereaux's). (lunch or dinner)

    La Cubanita - cuban food, $, located on Broad Street (lunch or dinner, but more of a lunch spot)

    Luna Rosa - a gelato shop with authentic italian food, $$, italian family re-located from NY, hand made specials like chicken parm, lasagna and very good (true) paninis, gelato is good too, not open on Mondays, located on Washington beside Wild Wings. (lunch or dinner, but more of a lunch spot).

    Smiley's Acoustic Cafe - $$, live music venue with surprisingly reliable, yet creative food. I'm not sure if they do lunch, but they serve dinner and late night. Located on Augusta, just past the Life is Good Store and Monkee's).

    Blueberry Frog - $, yogurt shop in the West End (right on Main - near Rick Irwin's).

    High Cotton - 1st location is in Charleston, $$$$, people like it, but I think it's "ok". they do brunch and dinner. Located on Main, at the bridge

    Marybeth's - $$, good for breakfast, but open for lunch too. located in McBee Station, on McBee. I think they are open 7 days a week now, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Azia (Woodruff Road) - $$$, upscale sushi and asian. best sushi in greenville, IMO, flashy restaurant, good cocktails. only open for dinner. Located near Whole Foods.

    Stellar Wine Bar - $$$, located on the 2nd floor above Trio. A bit pricey for what you get, but good food, ambiance, and decent wine list.

    Enjoy your trip back!

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      Not sure if anyone has mentioned this place, but we tried Napoli on Woodruff Road (near Five Forks) the other night. I thought it was great! Not a high end place, but it serves Italian and Greek - VERY similar to Olympian Grill. Great family atmosphere and decent prices - HUGE< HUGE portions. MIne could have served 3. We had calzone (about $8) (spinach and ricotta), Hawaiian pizza, and a salmon salad (around $9). Worth a try.

    2. For a good deli experience, I like Two Chefs on Main Street in one of the bank buildings.

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        Another good one I have had a couple times is Adams Bistro on Pelham Road. They have huge portions, creative food, mostly under $10.... a great lunch place; not upscale but still quaint and really good. Great salads, wraps, sandwiches.

      2. Ditto on American Grocery -- one of my favorites. For lowcountry, High Cotton is downtown on Main Street. About the same price range as Devereaux's and AGR, but incredibly reasonable for brunch. My lunch "regulars" are near Furman. There is a great deli on Poinsett just past Lowe's -- Foothills Deli. Also, head up further on 276 and Cafe @ Williams-Hardware is new in Travelers Rest. Family-run in an old hardware store, has indoor, outdoor, and screened-porch seating, delicious daily specials, live music on the porch on weekends.

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        1. re: kiwismom

          Hi kiwi...i'd love to hear more about those last two. Is foothills a "real" deli (do they cook their own meat?) I just ask because deli seems to have multiple meanings around here. For example, 2 chefs is described above as a deli, and in my lexicon, it is absolutely NOT a deli. I LIKE it...but it's not a deli.

          What sorts of things have you ordered at the Hardware thing that were good? thank for the intel!

          1. re: danna

            We had lunch at the Cafe at Williams Hardware Saturday. I'd recommend the pecan-encrusted chicken salad; it was pretty great: warm grilled chicken in a light dressing and coated in finely chopped pecans. DH's reuben was fine. The peach shortcake was huge.

            The outdoor seating overlooks the Swamp Rabbit Trail, so it makes a nice lunch stop if you're on the trail up there.

            Recently tried Mojito's for dinner too. Small menu, but the food was great. Ropa Vieja is their Friday special, DH got some fish dish. He initially complained that it smelled funny and then went on to chow it down because it tasted so good. The thing that did disappoint me though were the mojitos. I'm not a mojito aficionado, but they just didn't seem minty enough.

        2. American Grocery is Great.. kind of pricey but awesome. Also Lazy Goat is just a fun place, food always good and since tappas, if you aren't huge eaters (like I prefer quality over quantity), not too expensive and a great vibe overlooking river.
          We recently ate at Sassafrass Bistro downtown and had a good experience..maybe not quite as good as American Grocery but not as pricey either.