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Jan 24, 2004 02:45 PM

Gordon's Fish Emporium (Pico & Doheny)?

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I received a mailer and coupon for Gordon's Fish Emporium, a Kosher fish shop on Pico near Doheny. Close to our home but I have somehow never noticed it. Ever since the demise of Homarus Lox I have hoped to find an interesting replacement. Anyone have experience with this place?

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  1. Unfortunately, I believe they're gone. I think a T-Mobile store opened it's space in the mini-mall 1 block west of Doheny on Pico.

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      Gordon's Fish Emporium is still open, at 9116 Pico, in a block with a couple of other Kosher markets and the Milky Way restaurant.

      I finally got around to trying this small, venerable local establishment yesterday and bought a very nice hunk of wild king salmon fillet to grill at home. Fresh wild salmon has not been all that easy to find around town lately (haven't seen it at Bristol, Gelson's, or even Whole Foods for several weeks), amid all the recent publicity about concerns about the food coloring and environmental impacts of the Atlantic farmed salmon stock, so I thought this was a nice find. I am a novice at grilling, but the fillet came out of the fire with a great taste, definite strong wild salmon flavor.

      Overall, the store has a nice but not overwhelming selection, maybe a dozen different choices of fish--whitefish, sandabs, ahi, others, but mostly buried under ice so not too easy to inspect the goods without asking first. Prices comparable to, or maybe a tiny bit lower than, the above-mentioned expensive supermarkets. The one guy behind the counter was meticulously boning an order for the customer before me, so I did have to wait a few minutes for service, but nothing untoward. They claim to have an outstanding selection of house-smoked salmon, but they had only packaged brands yesterday, maybe because it was Monday.

      So, not the be-all-and-end-all of fish stores, and obviously not an option when you feel like throwing some shrimp on the barbie, but it is nice to have choices like this in the neighborhood.

    2. Gordon's Fish Emporium on Pico is actually terrific. It has a very good variety of fresh fish (no shellfish since it's kosher) and good prices compared to Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, etc. The young Russian owner is constantly coming up with new projects and products. He has unusual house-prepared food to go, house-smoked fish, fish sausages, etc. He has chefs working there who give cooking classes. I haven't done it but they serve lunch at tables outside. They've always got fish chower for lunch and to go. Although I haven't done it, I think they will cook anything you buy there for you.
      In the past couple years, for Passover, I ordered fish according to my recipe, which they ground for me, including the onions. So making gefilte fish, which I had thought was some difficult ordeal, became very easy. I highly recommend this place.

      1. I have been going to Gord's Fish Emporium for several years. The fish is always fresh and they are always willing to help. Motti -the owner is always available to answer questions and provide advice. I have ordered his amazing Poached Salmon for every major holiday, Passover, Rosh Hashonah and even special birthdays-it has never failed to impress people. I have also bought his smoked fish sausage and smoked platters-again always fresh and delicious.
        His selection is good and the service is always with a smile.
        My only concern, get their early before holidays and things sell out quickly.