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Dec 18, 2008 09:08 AM

raw bar/oyster options in PGH?

Other than McCormick and Schmick's, are there any? No mention of oysters on the half shell on Monterey Bay's online menu. The Original Oyster House on Market Square ... not a raw bar, as I learned the hard way soon after moving here. I had a seriously mediocre oyster plate at Toast! last month, but I'm hoping someone in Pittsburgh can do better than that.

Am I just better off driving to D.C. or Baltimore for my fix?

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  1. Gandy Dancer at Station Square.

    1. I've had good oysters several times at Eleven. They are currently having a martini & oysters happy hour special.

      1. I'll second the Gandy Dancer. Very nice atmosphere, good happy hour prices and great oysters, at least for Pittsburgh!

        Also, don't give up on The Original Oyster House...Just give up on the oysters! It's a great place for a fish sandwich and a cold beer. Just now you will know what you're in for!

        1. Mitchell's Fish Market down in the Waterfront has them for $1.75 apiece. Roland's on Penn Ave in the Strip District has raw oysters for $8.99 per half dozen. They are much cheaper than at M&S and presented with less class - you have to saw them out of the shell yourself. However, they are fresh and, they'll tide me over if I need a fix for cheap.

          Also, Wholey's across the way from Roland, still on Penn, sells them for .75 apiece if you're not afraid of shucking them yourself.