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Dec 18, 2008 08:57 AM

Guanajuato Recs?

Will be in Gto for a few days and would really appreciate any recommendations or suggestions. Am familiar with Abue, Truco 7 and the Market. Any experience with Las Mercedes or Ik Etznab? Other possibilities?


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  1. When we last were in Guanajuato in the 90s, we liked getting breakfast at one of the fondas to the left of the Mercado Hidalgo. At the time, it was a 3-storey concrete structure.

    Go with a sense of adventure, si on a bench around the open kitchen, and enjoy various guisados and tamales.

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      Thanks. Am familiar with the mercado - and I agree it's a good spot. Was wondering about additional options as well.

    2. It's been over two years since I spent a month in Guanajuato. It is truly one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. Unfortunately, all the places I ate at were reasonably good but none were exceptional. One place that put a lot of effort into everything was El Zopilote Mojado(the wet vulture). They do espresso drinks well (served with a complimentary cookie with their logo on it) and have a menu mostly of baguette sandwiches (about $5 us dollars). They have comfortable seating and fairly recent NY times.
      Cafe Tal has some of the best coffee in Mexico. They roast on site. The owner used to be a violinist in the GTO symphony which plays in one of the three large theaters every friday they are not touring.
      The vegetarian place near the university is also pretty good.
      There is an Italian place (I don't remember the name) in a house on one of the hills overlooking GTO. The food is only pretty good but represents good value in a "nice restaurant" where you can dine for under $10.
      There are nice reasonable places for commida corrida. I liked El Refugio de los Angeles much more then Truco Siete. Their servers were exceptionally kind and patient. (commida corrida about $4) . '
      Have a good trip. I'm jealous.


      1. Guanajuato is a very nice city, I went there in my honeymoon, but no remember restaurants, I believe we ate mostly in Fonditas, but some places you got to do is try the tour La callejonada! it is a walking tour with musicians! other go to the "callejon del beso" and for a tip , a kid will explain to you the story that happened in that place, also go to the Pipila Statue, the hippie market, Teatro Juarez, and about night clubs go to Guanajuato Grill, great place.

        Enjoy it !

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          Many thanks for the terrific suggestions. We're leaving in a few days. Very much looking forward to the visit!

        2. El Midi, El Midi, El Midi! Go for the lunch buffet.

          1. I live in Gto. Yes, The Midi is good for Mediterranean food (the owner has been in Mexico for many years but born in Southern France) and just off the same Plaza San Fernando is an authentic small Japanese ;restaurant, Las Delicas, with a different Japanese comida corrida each day. For tasty Mexican food, La Torta de Sancho Panza opposite the Diego Rivera house is a filling, local favorite and depending on the day you may get something special like their pork in guajillo sauce. I also like the Venta de Toboso almost to the Cervantes Theatre. There's a new restaurant called Sazon Cervantino on the first floor (meaning upstairs) toward the end of Calle Alonso farthest from the Jardin and nearby on Juan Valle The Cerro de las Ranas is a quiet place Mexico Lindo y Bonito (or maybe Bonito y Lindo) is more expensive than the others I've listed but the food is good, indoor and outdoor settings pleasant, and service excellent, serves local and Yucatec food.
            I also like the tosstadas de ceviche sold outside Embajadoras Market and the Consomme made from tomato, garbanzos rice and goat meat sold inside. Theree's also a woman near the back of the market who makes good chicken soup. The champurrado and tamales sold in the Pastita area at night are delicious too. I am a frequent patron of the fruit flavored ice creams near the beginning of Paseo de la Presa and if you go there you might as well go across the street to Callejon Pena Grande, walk up a few steps and then some tiled steps to the right which willl take you to a bakery that could be right out of medieval times. Buen provecho.

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              rcashdan; how about El Gallo Pitagórico for Italian food?
              We'll be in Guanajuato at the end of June.

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                I forgot to mention that the fondas above Presa de la Olla are a favorite destination for Guanajuatenses, especially on a Sunday, with the enchiladas mineras (chicken, carrots, potatoes) a specialty. I ate at El Cerro de las Ranas today while the Mexico-
                Costa Rica football game was on the TV turned up loud so it's not always quiet but the green walls make a cool contrast when the sun is beating down outside and there's usually something special as part of the comida, today a cold cream of avocado soup, lightly seasoned with chile and topped by slivers of ham.

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                  Several of these restaurants have closed, including, alas Veronique's French restaurant in Plaza San Fernando. The Japanese restaurant Mitsu is still going strong. La Venta de Toboso, and the Sazon Cervantino no. New restaurants include a Russian restaurant on the road going to San Miguel and a Swedish restaurant next to VIPS on Sangre de Cristo. Believe it or not, Devlin's Bar on Positos serves a good and reasonable Mexican comida that includes a salad bar. At the corner of the Jardin where El Pinguis used to be, you'll now find La Bohemia, good for a late night bowl of soup after a concert or for the usual Guanajuato fare anytime.