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Your favourite Kozlik's mustard?

I'm going to pick up an assortment for gifts next time I'm at the St Lawrence Market. I've only tried a couple. What's your favourite and what ways do you use it?

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  1. their triple crunch is good
    and i like the extra hot as well
    and how do i use them? anything that calls for mustard! :D

    I've sen their mustard all over town lately including grocery stores

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      I've seen Kozlik's at Sobey's, which is great!

      Love their maple variety - I like to add it to dumpling sauce for a bit of kick.

    2. Longo's having it on sale till Dec 24 for $3.99, not sure about the selection.
      I like German and Amazing Maple. Good on pork loin roast, leftover is good for sandwich with extra mustard.

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      1. re: shir

        That's a pretty good deal. Did you happen to notice if they had the one with balsamic & figs/dates?

        1. re: JamieK

          Sorry... I haven't have a chance to stop by.

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            I was going to say that my favourite mustard is their balsamic fig+dates. I love this mustard on all pork products, and sandwiches of any sort.

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              I'm not sure about Longos, but at Sobeys they only seem to have XXX Hot, Hot Garlic, and Triple Crunch.

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                The sale exisits if you order through Grocery Gateway, too.

          2. I'm especially fond of the balsamic-fig-dates, and the dill.

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                I sampled about a half dozen at the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo a month ago. All were outstanding. I wound up purchasing the XXX-Hot mustard. I was warned that the batch had been made only a few days earlier and would be even hotter than the sample bottle. They weren't kidding. The stuff makes my sinuses melt. It's wickedly addictive, though. I find myself mixing small amounts with my regular Maille Dijon, to create the perfect heat level for my palate. I regret not picking up a couple of others at the show. Buying two or three mustards seemed excessive, but who cares? I'll be on the lookout for them at Sobey's.

              2. They have one called I believe, 'Rib'i'Q' and it is quite wonderful on bbq'd ribs. Also, their horseradish is quite possibly the best you'll ever taste. During the busker fest the boys at Kozlik's take a montrous cast iron cooking pan outside and whip up a simply stir fry of just chick-peas, peppers, onion and garlic and then throw in a big dollop of the triple crunch mustard...fantastic stuff.

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                  Second the horseradish. It's ridiculous in flavour and intensity.

                2. I love the Maple and the Double C, The Maple does have a kick though.

                  1. Balsamic and Fig, for sure.

                    1. My favourite is Irish Harp, great when generously deployed on a bacon/sausage sandwich! I'm a bit worried though, it doesn't seem to be on their website and I've only got a sandwich or two's supply left! Dammit! :(

                      1. Triple C (triple crunch)

                        IMHO it's the best one they've got. Use it like mustard.


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                          I also like sweet and smokey on my sandwiches.

                            1. I had never heard of this mustard until earlier this month. I was invited to a party and had to bring a gift where the theme was made in Canada and price was < $20. I saw this in Sobeys and picked up 3 jars of it. Then I heard how wonderful it was! I'll definitely be buying some of it for myself next time.

                              1. I do like the balsamic and fig but I also really love the regular balsamic as well.

                                1. Double C does it for me!

                                  1. Well it looks like balsamic/figs/dates, maple and triple crunch are pretty popular. The reason I asked about creative uses was because I was planning on giving some to a couple of non-foodie types who probably don't make their own dressings and routinely use ball-park mustard on their sandwiches. Thought I could give them some suggestions when they look at me with a blank stare.

                                    But, inspired by another thread, I'm to give them good-quality hot chocolate mix instead. You can't go wrong there.

                                    The foodies will still get really good mustard. They know what to do with it. Thanks all.

                                    1. By the way, for anyone looking for a traditional Dijon-style mustard without the heat of Kozlik's XXX version, their "Dijon by Anton" is excellent, better than many imported Dijon mustards from France. (Most European mustard manufacturers import their mustard seed from Canada, by the way!).

                                      1. Every flavour you want is available Tues-Sat at the St Lawrence Market. Anton Kozlik's stand in on the main floor about a third of the way south down the far east aisle. It's right across from Olympic Cheese.

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                                          I like their triple crunch one only because I got addicted to their mustard fried chickpeas at buskerfest and had to try the recipe at home. Has whiff of alcohol in it too. :)

                                          I also have amazing maple and balsamic fig and dates which I'm dying to try on pork now given the wonderful suggestions in this thread!

                                          1. re: deabot

                                            Just got the balsamic fig & dates at Longo's. It's on sale for $3.99. What a fantastic taste. Hadn't heard of it until I read about it here.

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                                              if you read the ingredients they use canadian whiskey in that triple C :D

                                              also wanted to chime in that the regular dijon by Kozlik's is as good as, if not better than Maille dijon. I had some awesome dijon while actually IN Dijon (and nearby in Beaune) band we're not missing anything on this side of the pond.

                                          2. Oh, I've just got to thank you all for these tips about Kozlik's mustard!!

                                            My Torontonian father came to visit over the holidays, and he asked me for gift ideas before he left. I hinted strongly that I wanted some Kozlik's mustard. (I did it oh so subtly, as in, "Dad, bring me some Kozlik's Mustard, or else.") So he arrived bearing a jar of the Dijon. WOWOWOW WOWOWOWOW! What fabulous stuff! I could eat it like peanut butter. It's even better as the only condiment on a ham sandwich.

                                            I am now addicted and am planning a trip down to TO so I can buy each and every variety. So I curse you all! No, really - thanks. I wouldn't have known about Kozlik's mustard if it wasn't for y'all. Thank you!!!!!


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                                            1. re: AnneInMpls

                                              Well that's one way to stimuate the economy -- Canadian mustard to the rescue!

                                              Threw some of the maple mustard (it truly is amazing) in with slow-braised pork chops last night and it really gave them a nice punch.

                                              1. re: JamieK

                                                old smokey,, in my caeser salad

                                            2. one of my favourite snacks is a few slices of baguette (usually Ace) toasted under the broiler on side and then flipped over with grated good cheddar cheese on the other side to melt the cheese. This time I smeared some Koslik's mustard (maple again, it's the only kind I have left) on the bread under the cheddar before melting. Raised the whole concept of cheese melt or grilled cheese to a whole new level. yum!