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Dec 18, 2008 08:15 AM

Cocktails in Calgary? (Downtown, NE, NW)

I recently moved to Calgary and am wondering where I can grab a cocktail with a female friend. Something trendy, fun and that has bartenders that know how to make drinks.

Some of her favourites include Bahama Mama, Cosmopolitan and Tequila Sunrise.

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  1. I've always had good drinks at Crush (12 Ave & 12 St SW).

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      We tried this place but their drink selection was very limited, but the burger was really good!

    2. Many moons ago when the Auburn Saloon was next door to Teatro they had an excelent cocktail repetoir... I believe they are now at the bottom of the Calgary tower. Velvet is also supposed to mix good cocktails, the lounge at Muse in Kensington is also a good choice and I believe Murietta's lounge has a mixologist or two.

      1. i find the auburn's new location a little less cozy than the original location, but still a decent suggestion. Velvet's a good idea too.

        I would add the Raw Bar at the Hotel Arts as a great little trendy spot. You may also want to check out the Mercury, Bungalow, and Ming all of which are on 17th avenue (and tend to get quite busy on the weekend). Milk Tiger is a new lounge which just opened in the old 'a bar named sue' space on 4th street. It's been completely transformed. I was there for the friends and family opening and they still didn't have a lot of their liquor yet, but the owners assure me that they'll have it tomorrow.

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          checked out milk tiger last night... very very chill spot... reminds me of places in the big cities...

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            Thanks! We've tried a few trendy places downtown, but find that they're really loud and noisy. I hear that the Raw Bar is a great place to both drink and eat, so I'm planning on taking her their soon.

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              A friend and I had cocktails at Milk Tiger a few nights ago, and yes it felt like some hip hole in the wall in Toronto. The bartender was a breath of fresh air for this city: skillful, friendly, calm and cool. We chatted with the owner for a while, a nice guy who seems to love this city.
              My drinks were perfect, and I will be going back...

            2. I would second the recommendation for Raw Bar. It's a fun place to go, and it's very hip. Mercury is good too, Vicious Circle, Ming, Jaro Blue (love that place), and of course, there are always some places like Ear's Tin Palace that has a gorgeous trendy bar, or the Metropolitan Grill (either on Stevens' ave or 17th ave).

              1. The cocktails that your girl like are pretty run of the mill, even every moxie's bartender has them in their repertoire.

                I will agree about the Raw Bar, they probably have one of the most knowledgeable bar team in town and are always pushing the boundaries of creativity in drink. (ask about the "Rompope" an in house made Mexican egg nog.)

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                  I agree, her drinks are pretty common, but it seems that a lot of bartenders either don't know how to make them or don't have the ingredients. Moxie's is pretty good for making her drinks, but the service is hit 'n miss.