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Dec 18, 2008 08:12 AM

Tasting Menu San Francisco

I am planning a trip to San Francisco in January/09. I enjoy solo travel and would like to experience a 6-15 course tasting menu. Since I travel light (casual pants and running shoes) I do not bring dressy clothes. Does anyone have a suggestion of where I can get a reservation for a tasting menu for one person that does not require dressy attire?

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  1. I see people in the dining room at the RItz-Carlton dressed very casually.

    1. If you can eliminate the reservation aspect and go for the tasting then perhaps you can go for a multiple course tasting walk ala greyelf.

      1. You can get a list from google:

        Most restaurants here don't require anything more than casual dress. The one time I went to Masa's I saw someone in jeans and a cowboy hat despite the "rules." Campton Place may not be loose about it.

        Of all the ones on that google list, I like Quince the best. The tasting menu runs around $100 and is "Italian." I had it there in April and thought it was great. I also like Ame's tasting menu, very creative and Asian-influenced, and because they get some diners from the "hipster" crowd, or did before the crash, there seems to be an open dress policy.

        1. Coi does a very imaginative tasting menu, and I don't think they have a dress code (although most guests will be in collared shirts and Dockers or dressier).


          373 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133

          1. Frankly if you're clean and well groomed beyond the casual clothes (look like a traveler) I think you'll be fine at most places. You might feel a bit out of place at first but you'll get over it and if you're dining alone, you're already past most of it. It's SF and California. The easier places to get a res for a tasting menu is probably The Dining Room at the RC, or Michael Mina.