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Dec 18, 2008 08:05 AM

PGH - Dinette is Awesome

Ate at Dinette in East Liberty/Shadyside on Saturday evening, and it was excellent!

Small, limited menu: apps and pizzas. Based on one visit, can't really go wrong on either.

The pizzas -- far from your usual pizza fare, even for brick-oven establishments who allegedly know how to make a good pizza -- were top-notch. Great crust, innovative use of toppings that are all fresh and well-paired. Appetizers, again, clearly fresh, superior ingredients prepared with great care. Wines are very affordable, very good, and all available by glass or bottle.

My full review is here:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette full review from today's paper here:

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  1. I tried dinette a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I wish it was open for lunch as it would be perfect for a pizza and glass of wine. I agree with whigsboy's review. I had a salad and a piece of my hubby's pie and it was delicious. very fresh, high quality ingredients.

    They also have these crazy powerful hand dryers in the bathroom. I think my hands were dry in under 3 seconds.