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French Meat Pies

Does anybody know where I can buy French meat pies?

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  1. The Millbrook in Worcester used to have em on Monday. Try Lowell, Nashua or Woonsocket asd they have large Quebecois poulations.

    1. Do you mean actual meat pies imported from France?

      Or do you mean Quebec-style meat pies?

      And where are you, how far are you willing to travel to purchase them? I can tell you that Quebec-style meat pies are sold, frozen, at Sam Mazza's in Colchester VT, and also at Dick Mazza's General Store in Colchester VT.

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        French Canadian! There are many types of Acadien and Quebec qu meat
        pies... I make some every Christmas In fact I'm making 3 more tonight , I was just wondering because Shaws used to sell Landry pies but don't anymore, I will try The Millbrook because I live in Northbridge not far from Worcester.
        Merry Christmas!

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          Chelo's in Woonsocket. Hartley's Pork Pies in Lincoln RI.

      2. Cote's Market on Salem Street in Lowell, but I'd call immediately if you want it for Christmas. He takes orders and seldom has any just sitting in the case at this time of year. Also, Vic's Subs and Bakery at the corner of Aiken and Lilley in Lowell. In Fall River you can purchase them at Plourde's Bakery on North Main St. and Hartley's on South Main St.
        I purchased mine two weeks ago and froze them. Didn't want to take a chance on missing out.

        1. Maihot's Sausage Co in Lewiston, Me makes pork pies, salmon pies, creton and boudain. Shaw's Supermarkets carry them.
          I've included a link to a Maine site discussing French meat pies.


          Joyeux Noel

          Le Pass-a-dumb-kegue

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            Hannaford's also carries the Mailhot pork pies and creton. I don't think we've tried the pies, but love the creton.

            Jerry's Market in Sanford, ME also makes meat pies (don't remember if they are all pork or a combination) and creton.

          2. Big Y usually offers what they call "meat pies" during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Whether they're authentic tourtière is another story.

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              Big Y was founded and still owned by Quebec-Americans, the D'Amour family. I believe the tourtiere is pretty authentic there and wish they sold it on a regular basis. Make it more authentic by just pouring a bit of maple syrup on top and maybe have a nice bowl of Habitant Soup to go along with it!

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                My wife's family is originally from Quebec before relocating to Rhode Island and then Connecticut. My wife's mother made tourtiere regularly when she was growing up. I never got the opportunity to try her mother's tourtiere and neither of us have tried Big Y's meat pie so I have no way of knowing if it's similar or "authentic". I'll have to purchase one as soon as possible so I can at least see if they taste good. I've had tourtiere in Quebec and from Dakin Farms in Vermont (http://www.dakinfarm.com/Product.aspx...) and enjoyed it. Of course, I'm not an expert on Québécois meat pies but I know good food when I taste it.

            2. An interesting discussion about making tourtieres has been split to the Home Cooking board:


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                A few weeks ago, my friend and I went to Chelo's in Smithfield for a quick dinner break in our holiday shopping. She's very particualr about French Meat pie, since this is something her (French) family makes on holidays. She took a chance and ordered it, and loved it - she claimed it was just as good as her family's - very authentic. She later inquired about take-out for 12 people for New Year's Day when her family visits. She's opted for their's rather than make them herself.

              2. Thwaites Market in Methuen, MA makes them along with English pub-style mini pies.

                1. Houle,s family restaurant in south Hadley, Ma sells homemade frozen meatpies to go