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Dec 18, 2008 07:37 AM

Business Lunch in Hartford

Looking for suggestions for a business lunch in Hartford either walking distance or a short cab ride from the Old State House area.

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      1. If you have an expense account, or bucks Max Downtown is the place downtown for a business lunch. The Trumbull Kitchen, around the corner, owned by the same people, is more down scale, funkier, and more importantly from a business perspective, noiser. Its menu is on the same web site reservations can be made on open table. Aside from all of that, in terms of quality in remains the best restaurant in downtow.

        1. Thanks for the prompt responses.

          1. If you and your dining companion are serious foodies, then On21 is the place for you. By far the most exciting and creative kitchen in the city. Were it open for dinner (to the public), it would be the talk of the town. But alas, it is only open for lunch, which works out great for you. And you can't get any closer to the Old State House, as it is literally across the street.

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              It's called On20 and their prix fixe menu ($35 for 2 courses plus dessert) is outstanding. If you have hours to spend, you can call and ask for the special chef's tasting menu for lunch and you'll be treated to at least 12 courses or more of innovative dishes.

              1. re: food maven

                Thanks, I was wondering why I couldn't find anything about ON21 on-line.

              2. re: FoodieJim

                Good reply. I stand corrected. On 21 is the best, I forgot about it because its only open for lunch and I never do lunch. Make Max Downtown #2