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Dec 18, 2008 07:18 AM

Thoughts on Hill Country Pasta House?


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  1. Here's what I wrote a year ago and I'll stick by it -

    My family and I went to Hill Country Pasta House the other day. I wanted to try this place because I am a Fettuccine Alfredo fanatic, and I figured a "Pasta House" should have good...pasta. Wrong.

    The Alfredo sauce was just pure cream. It was tasteless. I could taste no cheese at all. The noodles were thick and firm. They should've been less firm to go nicely with alfredo sauce. Although I suppose it didn't matter since the alfredo sauce was horrendous.

    My family all ordered the rack of lamb. Bad choice again. The sauce for the lamb was tasteless. The lamb itself was not very high quality. For a $25 rack of lamb dish, I expected more.

    Conclusion - never go here.

    On a positive note, the manager came out to greet us and he was very personable. Unfortunately, no amount of "buttering" would make me return to this place.

    1. They had done quite a bit in the last months to make some drastic changes. They do catering, brunches, holiday events, 1/2 priced wine nights, etc.

      Several new items on the menu.
      Note: the entrees no longer come with a salad; they charge $1. Not a big price, but the waiters don't point out that the salads are extra now. (it is however listed on the menu)

      1. i only wentt once and found it average at best,id rather pay good money at eat at ciolas which is far superior.

        1. We went there and it was horrible. No one in the place and the hostess sat us at the worst table in the place behind the wine rack near the kitchen pathway. After no service by anyone, we were leaving and they seated us at a better table. However, the food was horrible. We went again thinking it was an off night, we were mistaken. We were seated at the same bad table and had to request to be moved which created an attitude for our waitress. NEVER GO THERE!