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Dec 18, 2008 07:16 AM

Anyone know any Chinese restaurants in Atlanta that will be open Christmas Day??

I am looking for somewhere to go for dinner on Christmas day.... I don't have family in the area and would rather not sit at home.



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  1. I just drove past CowTippers and their sign says they are open Christmas Day.
    Not sure about any Chinese though.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. I don't know about Chinese restaurants but I know a lot of the Vietnamese restaurants on Buford Hwy are usually open on Christmas Day. So I would think that some of the Chinese restaurants on Buford Hwy would also be open. I haven't been to Atlanta on Christmas Day in a while.

      1. thanks guys!!

        I can certainly try buford highway - just don't know which restaurants are good or not.... :)

        1. Frank Ma South and Tasty China, I believe, have been open on Christmas Day in the past. Both are excellent - and different - in case you have not yet visited them. I would call and verify that they are open before making a trip, however.

          1. Hunan Gourmet and Canton Cooks. Both are located in Sandy Springs, right off of 285. In the past, each one has opened up around 5 on Xmas day, and are packed within 30 minutes of opening. They are both delicious and worth the wait if you don't want to eat at 5pm.