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Anyone know any Chinese restaurants in Atlanta that will be open Christmas Day??

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I am looking for somewhere to go for dinner on Christmas day.... I don't have family in the area and would rather not sit at home.



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  1. I just drove past CowTippers and their sign says they are open Christmas Day.
    Not sure about any Chinese though.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. I don't know about Chinese restaurants but I know a lot of the Vietnamese restaurants on Buford Hwy are usually open on Christmas Day. So I would think that some of the Chinese restaurants on Buford Hwy would also be open. I haven't been to Atlanta on Christmas Day in a while.

      1. thanks guys!!

        I can certainly try buford highway - just don't know which restaurants are good or not.... :)

        1. Frank Ma South and Tasty China, I believe, have been open on Christmas Day in the past. Both are excellent - and different - in case you have not yet visited them. I would call and verify that they are open before making a trip, however.

          1. Hunan Gourmet and Canton Cooks. Both are located in Sandy Springs, right off of 285. In the past, each one has opened up around 5 on Xmas day, and are packed within 30 minutes of opening. They are both delicious and worth the wait if you don't want to eat at 5pm.

              1. Hong Kong Harbor on Cheshire Bridge

                1. Did you see this?
                  They're all kind of upscale, not for me dining alone, but maybe you.