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Dec 18, 2008 05:24 AM

Thoughts on my food itinery (so far)?

Hi NY CH's,

I'm visiting from Toronto next week for a (window) shopping and eating trip with the girls and was wondering what seasoned NY foodies thought of my picks so far?

Lunch at Jean Georges, brunch at 202 cafe, dinner at Babbo, dell'anima and Momokofu noodle house, dessert at Chickalicious.

Our back ups are: Fatty crab, Market table, and Anthos.


PS: We're staying at W 45th & Ave of the Americas, any good food around there? Recs for a breakfast/early lunch place would be awesome, as are places for drinks and dessert?

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  1. I would skip Momofuku Noodle bar and go to Momofuku Ssam Bar instead. And if it's ramen you desire, go to Ippudo and get the akamaru.

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    1. re: snaporaz

      Agreed. Go to Ssam bar instead. Was just there last night and the duck was phenomenal. The PB&J dessert with saltine pannacotta was also amazing. Or go next door to Momofuku Milk Bar for dessert. It's relatively new and has gotten mixed reviews on these boards, but is an interesting stop non the less. search the boards for milk bar and some stuff should come up.

      1. re: STA1985CH

        Will do! Hopefully we'll get a spot at the Ssam bar on a holiday weekend, heard they don't take reso's...

        Does anyone know why I've been getting the busy tone at Babbo's reso phone line? It's been a couple of days and it's still down...are they still in business?

        1. re: muito

          You don't have a Babbo reservation yet? Yikes.

          If they have availability it might be 5:30pm or 11pm. They might NOT have any availability. They are perenially booked up a month in advance.

          1. re: muito

            It took me about 45 minutes of redialing to get through the busy signal to get a Christmas Eve reservation at Babbo, and I was calling on 11/24. You will need to be persistent, or try walking in!

            1. re: muito

              In my experience, I just keep hitting redial until I get through. It can take a while. But I agree with kathryn, getting a reso at this late date may prove difficult unless you're willing to eat on the fairly early or late side. Another option is to try an early (5:30/6 pm) walk-in...

              1. re: nikky

                Wow...this is nuts. Thanks for the tips, I did the redial thing and got through on the forth try but no luck, they are fully booked...guess I'll have to try walking in. I have reso's for JG but not the other places, better start cracking!!

                1. re: muito

                  Whew, got a few reservations's what the trip's looking like so far:

                  Fri: $38 pre-theatre menu at Anthos, then dessert at Chickalicious

                  Sat: lunch at JG, dinner at dell'anima (hey if I can't have babbo, his former chef and sommelier will have to do), looking for RECs for drinks and dessert...any ideas?

                  Sun: brunch at 202 then try our luck at the Ssam bar!

                  I'm really looking forward to this now, would love to hear must eats at any of these places too :)

                  1. re: muito

                    Around your hotel, la maison du chocolat and kee's would be great for picking up macarons or chocolates for desert.

                    the treats truck is sometimes in the area, but they close for the year on december 23rd; check their schedule.

                    Cafe Zaiya is a good place to pick up an early lunch or desert

            2. re: STA1985CH

              glad to hear that the pb&j is still on the dessert menu, as i thought this was a seasonal item.
              make sure to order the brussels sprouts.